Fashion for Pregnant Women in Xxl

Fashion for women in XXL format is not always so easy to find, especially if the woman is still young and just not the garments for the older ladies would like to attract. It is very gratifying that there is today a large number of online stores that offer also fashion for women in large sizes. As a result, these ladies have a decisive advantage which they highly appreciate. You can order the desired items home, try him there all alone and can then decide. In contrast to the tight dressing in department stores, even the domestic bathroom is a paradise. Besides the reasonable prices and comfortable delivery, this is only an advantage for delivering home. Especially when it comes to the fashion for the pregnancy in XXL, women will find less nice offers in the city. Here, the online shop is again clear advantage, he offered mostly a much nicer selection of the corresponding articles. Continue reading →

But What Coat of Portage to Choose?

What coat of portage to choose if I no longer carry my child after 6 months?

If you do not want to carry your child after 6 months, you have access to more models of jackets in portage than those who wear large babies and the toddlers. You can wear the models of the brand Pomkin throughout pregnancy and until 6-8 months of your baby. The cape of portage and pregnancy Sara (right) is elegant and modern, even without baby! The pregnancy and portage jacket wool is also cozy and practical, you can use it as well for the first days of autumn for the summer evenings a little fresh. Continue reading →

Taking Magnesium During Pregnancy

Just start chowing down, without having to worry? Unfortunately I can’t. An expectant Mommy should have their food well in sight, to be supplied with all the nutrients that need her and the baby. For example, with magnesium. The demand is slightly elevated in pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers complain in pregnancy about leg cramps, some are increasingly suffering from stomach cramps. Blame, a lower supply of the minerals can be magnesium.

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About Twin Baby Pregnancy

‘Congratulations! You get equal to two babies!” At these words, the expectant Mommy must swallow safely only once. A twin pregnancy is twice as much work. Also double baby good luck!

Twins are something very special-even though a twin pregnancy, as well as the daily life with two infants, the Mama is clearly exhausting. The chance that you sometimes get twins, is rather low. 1000 births, only 35 twin births come in Germany.

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13th Week of Pregnancy

Now starts the pregnancy in the 4th month of pregnancy! With the 13 week also start second trimester in which the expectant mother the first kicks of their child will feel and the pregnancy belly grows slowly.

Many pregnant women can now breathe again: rapidly decreases the risk that it will be a miscarriage , from the 13th week of pregnancy. The baby hears now already quite well: you can play now music him, by a set of headphones on the belly. Many children love early quiet classical music.

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Weight Gain In Pregnancy: How Much Is Healthy For Mom & Baby?

Finally pregnant! Many are pleased that they now must eat everything what your heart desires. But is that even true? How is it actually with the weight gain in pregnancy?

If you are expecting a child, you get the various advice on weight gain in pregnancy: “You need to take to a kilogram a month”, “Not sure”, “This is completely different,” “That the size depends on”…

The result: Panic!

Keep the weight gain during pregnancy in order to: better food!

Even if you carry a baby in the belly: eating in pregnancy not for two! Actually, a cheese sandwich a day are sufficient to cover that extra calorie needs. Weight gain in pregnancy also within the normal range is on the way.

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Maternity Clothes for Third Trimester

Once you have reached the third trimester of pregnancy, the demand for clothing has only one purpose – to feel comfortable in them, but not bad still present some style. Here are some tips for clothes suitable for third trimester that will help you finish your pregnancy in style.

Remove dresses! They are comfortable, pleasant to wear and save you nerves when combining pants and top. Watch the material is cotton or soft zharseta and cutting starts under the bust, so feel free to dress. A good example is maternity flutter-sleeve jersey dress, which costs about $ 29.50. But, can pregnant ladies wear jeans?

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5 Facts Bellyache Pregnancy

1 – The orgasm can cause cramps during pregnancy
2 – Intense colic can be a false labor
3 – Colic with bleeding should be taken to the doctor
4 – Intense and constant colic is a premature labor
5 – After the birth, the mother may feel cramps
Cramps in pregnancy are perfectly normal and do not need to scare the expectant mother. With the baby in your body, the new press is the muscles of adomem and cramps come almost all the third semester. When the child begins to make arms and legs, it is when cramps arise. No need to be frightened and some following information may help better moms.

Colic in Pregnancy Tips

1 – Orgasm May Cause Cramping During Pregnancy 

For several reasons. One is that the woman is tense with fear of harm to the baby and ends up quite contracting the muscles of the pelvic region and ends up causing pain. There is also the fact of the veins of the area become overloaded with increased blood pressure in the excitement of the moment, causing pain.

But nothing to suspend the Doctors indicate sex in pregnancy both for therapeutic measures to help those who want to have a normal delivery. There is no reason to suspend. Just try to stay more relaxing not to contract and there is nothing to fear: the baby does not see anything anyway! Back rub after intercourse can help with the problem.

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Support Belts for Pregnancy

The months go by and on the date in which you’ll finally see the face of your beloved baby. The expectation grows without pause as well as your belly, what can bring about discomfort and pain in the waist, pelvis and back.

Maternity support systems are designed to provide the necessary support to the belly and relieve the weight of the waist, back and up to the bladder pressure. This results in a greater ease of movement and a little less stress. Today they are a basic in the lingerie for pregnant women.

Types of maternity shapewear

Touring the lingerie and maternity stores you will see that there are basically three types of maternal sashes. The model you choose will depend on what you’re looking for (support for exercise, back and waist pain relief, etc.) and how you feel each model.

Maternity belt . It’s a piece that gives an average support level. Of course it is elastic and is placed around the lower back and below the stomach.

It adjusted by velcro snaps, which makes it easier for you to find the most comfortable point of support. This also allows you go setting it as your belly grows.

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