Be Mother, Does Not Mean Style Will Be Your Life

By Miss ravings

They say that being a MOM is not easy, I don’t know, I’ve never been, but I’m surrounded by them… in the thirty (which is where I locate) all friends or have kids or are embarazadisimas and suffer oh yes! As any other female of the famous and transcendental everyday dilemma: and now, what to wear? Many divided time between office, home, children, school, husbands, family, social events, etc., and often set aside his person. In everyday life forget that soon to be Moms were, are and will be women and that the only person that is assurance that will be with them all the life are themselves! Continue reading →

Look of the Week #70

June-month of shirts. At least one could be of this opinion, considering the current editions of the Look of the Week in June 2016. In my opinion, however, is not so wrong. Looks good and is comfortable, what more could you want? Otherwise you can see that the current style is a little higher temperatures and this is also good, considering that we already have mid-June. Continue reading →

Latest Vintage Fashion Trends

Every year back in fashion apparel fell into obscurity for decades, and so everyone go crazy for pieces that never would have thought to ask for. Just long enough that a launch a trend, which now comes from Zara. But rather than go buy a vintage-inspired piece, why not point directly at vintage that inspired the new trend?

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