How to Organize a Slumber Party

If there is a party that all children will remember forever is a slumber party! Spend the night having fun with a group of friends and then sleep and waking up together is the best way to celebrate a birthday or simply promoting a convivial atmosphere for children. Nothin’ to it and the end result is pure joy and a different night, for kids and grown-ups. Continue reading →

Summer Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for the summer are essential outdoor pieces within the team for practice trekking, mountaineering and camping on the beach, these sleeping bags should be practical to facilitate its transport and storage and at the same time comfortable, warm and lightweight to carry it wherever you go. Continue reading →

How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag

When you have to choose your sleeping bag, think about you. Consider your requirements for comfort, warmth, space, etc. You will enjoy many relaxing nights.

Points of attention to choosing the right sleeping bag


Do you go hiking or are you staying with friends? A sleeping bag is chosen according to the activity you want to perform, the season and your preferences.

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Comfort Rating for Sleeping Bags

Can you sleep with a tight hood, from which a small hole only be submitted nose and your mouth? If the answer is “no” correct down by 3-5 degrees expected at very low ambient temperatures. Moisture. Camping there in an atmosphere where despite your efforts are likely to dampen the sack? If so, adjust down by 2-4 degrees for synthetic heard by 4-5 degrees feather. Movements of the body. Rotation and turning into the sack act as a pump that pushes warm air out. If you sleep restlessly adjust down by about 2-4 degrees. Wind protection. Four-sleeping in a tent, correct up to 3 degrees; in trisezonna tent – without correction; under the stars – down by about 3-4 degrees.

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