The Battle of the Tablets

I saw an interview with Steve Jobs, some years ago, in which he makes an analogy between computers, smartphones and tablets. According to him, in a near future personal computers will be as trucks; have iPhones and iPads, as cars. “Some have to use heavier duty trucks,” said Jobs, “but most will use cars, lighter and more versatile.” This phrase of former ceo of Apple hit me like a thunderbolt. Without a doubt, was the highest-placed analogy I’ve ever heard.

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You Should Change Your Iphone by Galaxy SIII?

The British magazine Stuff, a reference when it comes to technology, elected the Galaxy SIII the gadget of the year. He defeated the iPad, the iPhone, the Nokia 920 and the Nexus 7 to keep the title. But will the device from Samsung really deserved that honor? I think what were the criteria of choice. Maybe the amount of features implemented? Who knows the number of sales of 30 million in a few months? Or the design? No doubt it was an amalgamation of everything.

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Samsung: Soon Only Galaxy “Edge”?

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the rounded display has become quite salon-capable. The functions that such a rounded edge entails are very popular and are further expanded by Samsung. With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has now released a smartphone, of which there is no variant without “Edge”. Previously, customers still had the choice. This is not supposed to change in the future either. Samsung thinks about it, the smartphones without “Edge” does not produce any more. Continue reading →

Galaxy S7: Samsung Tests Android Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat has been out for several weeks and the first manufacturers are starting to implement the new operating system on their smartphones. This also includes Samsung. The company from South Korea is currently working hard to test Android nougat on the Galaxy S7.Previously, Google was provided with a Dev Preview, which should allow initial tests and adjustments. Therefore it is currently the most exciting question as to how long the test phase in the house Samsung will last. Continue reading →

Galaxy S7 (Edge): Android Update Now Also For O2 Customers

Samsung has released Android Nougat a few weeks ago for the Galaxy S7 series and the update was soon distributed to all devices. To all devices? Not quite, because two providers offered the update until yesterday bitter resistance. Well, resistance is exaggerated. O2 apparently simply wanted to test for itself, as the new operating system with its own software and ensure that even after the update everything works smoothly. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S8: Presentation On March 29th

Just a few days ago, we reported that Samsung would like to launch its Galaxy S8 on the market at the end of April. The new flagship from South Korea is intended to teach the competition the fear again and directly to the success of the Galaxy S7. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​no details were disclosed on the new smartphone, but a short teaser was announced to announce the presentation. Continue reading →

Gumdrop Protective Case For the Iphone 5 / 5 S / SE in the Test

Meanwhile, there are different manufacturers which specialise particularly robust protection cases for the latest smartphones, so also the gumdrop. The drop tech series offer 360° all-round protection of durable rubber, polycarbonate frame and screen protector. I could test recently provided protective cover a by the German distributor available for my iPhone 5. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S8: Screenshots Give Insight Into Software

Until the Samsung Galaxy S8 celebrates world premiere, it probably takes only a few weeks. Even now, the keyboards are running hot in the entire network, as almost every day new rumors and leaks appear on Samsung’s flagship. Meanwhile there are also new screenshots, which allow a little insight into the software of the new Boliden. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Gorilla Glass 5 Scratched

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will probably be the smartphone of the year. With its technical equipment and the numerous features, it can hardly reach the water so quickly. The new Gorilla Glass 5, which is considered to be particularly robust and scratch-resistant, was used for the first time. Corning has made a great deal of effort to implement the composition and processing in such a way that the surface is to withstand all the stresses of everyday life. Gorilla Glass 5 seems to be almost unbreakable. Unfortunately, the material seems to hold another weakness. Continue reading →

So You’ll Find The Perfect Headphones For Mobile Phones

The smartphone is more than a mere tool for conversations. Although a large part of our communications seem to be mobile, smartphones are particularly important in the field of entertainment. For example, for streaming. On the road, good headphones are therefore indispensable. That’s why we’ve been thinking about how to find the perfect headphones for mobile phones.

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Test: Panasonic CM1, a Good Smartphone and a Good Camera

Its large sensor makes the best camera phone of the moment the cm1. But he is not yet at the level of the compact experts.

Panasonic lumix dmc – cm1: The promise

Unveiled at the photokina and presented at the end of october french press, panasonic cm1 is a nice ufo, a fantasy as he tries to bring together the best of smartphones top of range with the best of the compact experts. Successful merger or technical mirage? The answer in the test!

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User Opinions and Reviews for ZTE Blade S6

For the first time at CeBIT 2015 I came into contact with the new ZTE blade S6. Feel and look of the Android smart phones convinced me immediately. Now, I could take the device once more under the magnifying glass, while the first impression has been confirmed, because the blade S6 convinced in the test.

ZTE Blade S6

The blade S6 of ZTE is from the start well, conveniently and easily in the hand, despite its weight of 140 grams. Visually reminiscent of iPhone, by the name of the device, one would think on a galaxy of Samsung here firstly. But at the price, ZTE makes compromising and so the blade S6 is located between 200 and 300 euro. The shell sets the provider while on plastic, but is much high quality as this first impression says of the Smartphone.

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