Sunglasses Guide: Styleguide For The Summerest Accessory Of The Man

Eyeglasses on Maenner-Style. de are no longer seen as mere visual aids for a long time but also work wonderfully as an accessory in everyday life. Due to the summer time, I have dared to go with thissunglass guide, my personal Styleguide for the most summerly accessory of the man and would like to give you helpful tips and tricks, with the selection of your sunglasses with the on the way.

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Different Sunglasses, Uncover Them And Try Them On!

You Are Passionate About Sunglasses, You Love To Combine Your Outfits With Different Lenses, You Know How To Get The Most Out Of Your Look By Choosing Some Glasses Or Other, But You Are Fed Up With The Same Proposals That Everyone Has And Want To Innovate. Do Not Worry!With The Next Selection, You Will Get Unmarked! Watch Out For These Different Sunglasses Continue reading →

Children’s Sunglasses, the Most Beautiful Patterns

Not only fashion but, above all, health: that of the eyes of our children. Here’s how to choose sunglasses for kids and what are the most beautiful models.

Summer is coming and the eyes of our children, like their delicate skin, they need protection from ultraviolet light.

Then it is good to protect them now with beautiful sunglasses that make them feel also very … fashionist! What are the brands that manufacture eyewear, child-friendly and what are the most beautiful fashion lines? Continue reading →