How to Use: Looks for the Beach!

If you can not take this heat, the best way is to enjoy it … on the beach! A hug for the readers of this giant Brazilian coast! Today’s post will give you ideas on how to wear clothes for the beach.It’s summer that I take the dust off my bikinis and take the first plane to Rio de Janeiro.I even gave luck because it just started to rain in the capital today, but I managed to get a beach a few days ago. Continue reading →

Swimwear Cangas

Great bath output or perfect for giving that ride on the sand, the cangas, although the invasion of dresses, little monkeys, kaftans, trousers, tunics and other current parts used on the beach, also the sarongs continue firm and strong in fashion. And Yes, many devotees who don’t need no time to cover the corpitcho after that energizing sea bath. Continue reading →

Top 5: Female Bags to Use End-of-Year Parties

With the new year coming, you already know what will be the look of your big night the turn?The moment calls for a look very beautiful and different, so it is good to start thinking before in use in the last hours of the year. To assist in these choices, we’ve compiled here the best tips about  5 models of handbags for the new year’s Eve party. Continue reading →

61-Year-Old Woman Models for Swimwear Campaign

When we speak of swimsuit models of bathroom, we imagine young women jumping half-naked in suggestive poses. Media has been responsible for hipersexualizar women and transform it into an object of consumption that sells more than war and football. But little by little, are more people who want to break down the myths of woman as a purely sexual object, and dare to demonstrate in striking ways that beauty is timeless and has nothing to do with the parameters set.
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The New Brand of Bathing Suits Drawn to Watercolors

The first collection has only 10 models, which are handmade by seamstresses in Lisbon.

Teresa Gonçalves is 19 years old, studying Law at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, and is enjoying the course. But there is another parallel passion-deep down, you just need to have pencil and paper around for life to be perfect

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Swimwear Summer, Bikinis and Swimsuits

The holidays have arrived, the heat increased, the time has come to think of beachwear that you will use this summer, whether on the beach or in the pool, the important thing is to enjoy the summer that is there. The shop windows of Brazil are already covered what is tendency for the 2015 summer, newsy.

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How to Choose a Swimsuit for Men

Whether on the beach or by the pool of your ceiling, in the summer the swimsuit is the center of all the attention (and often the only clothes that we). Therefore, in front of the crowd of models offered by the market today, sometimes is difficult to know which to choose. So which model should be your choice according to their morphology and lifestyle? Continue reading →

Swimsuit: Centennial and Full of History

The swimsuit is a practical and comfortable bath. It allows you to swim in the club’s pools or enjoy the beach and sea without having to worry about tying your bikini. Democratic, it has several different models and prints, for all tastes. And if you’ve been to the beaches a few decades ago, you know full well that it was not always the way it is now. Like everything in history, he followed the culture of humanity, following the customs and morals of each era.

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The New Portuguese Swimwear Brand Smacks of Brazil

Rita Lencastre and António Ferreira share love, a store and many swimwear items.

She is Rita Lencastre and she is 23 years old. He is António Ferreira and has 27. They have been boyfriends for five years and owners of the Açai Com Granola store in Leça da Palmeira since 2013. There they started selling clothes, shoes and accessories from Brazilian brands and Brazilian bikinis.

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Dates Summer 2012 Sales: Swimsuit Woman And Held Beach At 50% Off

Balances, you expect with impatience. In less than three weeks, you can enjoy tons of reductions in all stores and on your favorite sites. Unfortunately for the tourists, the sales will begin later this year, on Wednesday, June 27. And you are not unaware that the summer sales start later still in the South of the France. Continue reading →