Engadget Android Question: If You Had to Choose, What You Comprarias, a Tablet or an Android Mobile?

Once again we return with our question Xataka Android, this time about what to buy, if a mobile or an Android tablet. In the hypothetical case that had to choose, what you would prefer? Of course we are talking about tablets with Honeycomb. What you compraríais, a phone or a tablet? Continue reading →

Samsung Monitor for Games Brings All the Roles

Over the years, Samsung brings to Brazil the most modern monitors. Attentive to the growing market of games in the country and in the world, the company offers a great option for those who want to enjoy the best of video games. The Samsung Monitor Gamer of 24 inch Bow hits the market this month, the best online stores and retailers. See below for all the details of this major release that will rock the world of gaming! Continue reading →

The Battle of the Tablets

I saw an interview with Steve Jobs, some years ago, in which he makes an analogy between computers, smartphones and tablets. According to him, in a near future personal computers will be as trucks; have iPhones and iPads, as cars. “Some have to use heavier duty trucks,” said Jobs, “but most will use cars, lighter and more versatile.” This phrase of former ceo of Apple hit me like a thunderbolt. Without a doubt, was the highest-placed analogy I’ve ever heard.

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Topic Of The Day: Availability Of Ipads At Cyberport

Welcome to the Apple Circus!
It can not be denied, on today’s May 28, 2010, it is finally time: The iPad is released on the Teutonic mass of the willing to buy. Once again, a product with the bitten apple makes for ecstasy and loose-fitting bills-what does the crisis take care of us, we want to consume, and on the altar of the commerce, to make joyful dances.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Galaxy Note 4

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you are probably aware of how stylish and sophisticated Samsung latest Note-mobile is. But here are some things you didn’t know about the beautiful phablet!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung presented Galaxy Note 4 of September 2014, along with Note Edge. It has 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, a 16-Megapixel main camera with a number of useful features, and a 3.7-megapixel front camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip. But today we write more about part interesting thing most do not know about the flagship.

# 1 Don’t be concerned about losing your Pen: Note 4 will notify you

Note-the series is known for Samsung’s stylus – S Pen, and when the little thing is so important, many of us are afraid of losing it. But, you don’t have to worry about, so relax: Samsung Galaxy Note has a feature called “S Pen alerts”, and it allows your phone to notify you if you go from your S Pen. This feature is automatically turned on, but if you have lost your S Pen, you can of course turn off the feature, so you avoid receiving messages constantly.

Galaxy Note 4 S pen Alarm

Your Note 4 will notify you if you lose your S Pen

# 2 Make sure that you don’t lose your Galaxy Note 4

Note 4 is a great and strong mobile, but smart phones are among the items most often we lose, no matter how big or small they are. If you want to protect yourself against theft or could find your mobile easier, if you lose it, you can just activate the Android Device Manager. Then you get many options, if you lose your mobile phone, and you can read more about this and about Android Device Manager here.

# 3 “Sound Detection” – Let your Samsung give you message

It is a feature which provides the user with vibration or light, after that your phone “belongs” to the baby’s crying or someone calls at the door. In addition, this feature can be handy for the person who doesn’t hear so well.

# 4 Use your phone with gloves – never Frozen fingers

If it’s cold, it’s lovely with gloves, but it’s hard to use your phone with gloves on … Fortunately, you can increase the touch sensitivity on your Note 4, so you don’t have to take the gloves off.