Autumn Fashion for Plus Size

Even with a few extra kilos you can become autumn fashion Queen. Don’t you believe? We’ve picked a few pieces in which easily hide each špíček and trends!

Are you trying to cover up the bigger and wider thighs? Suit up in the airy blouses with Ruffles, harémových pants with low crotch and don’t worry or knitted dresses. The taste is also a furry cabin vacushape Olga sleeping Max fall in love with sweaters, oversized coats and have fun with stylish ponči.

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How To Use a Crop Top

The crop tops or also called top short have been very much in vogue today, and that is them famous look it on the red carpet. So you don’t use it. Small, short, sleeveless, the crop tops reveal the abdomen and although they are suitable for any kind of body it is essential to have a sexy figure.

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Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2016: The Culotte Pants

Among the fashion trends for spring / summer 2016 once again we find the culotte pants, leaders must have clothing of all these seasons. Now all know what they are, what is their condition and have all the brands make them. He has no excuse but to still feel insecure on the proper look. To refresh a little ‘memory, we remind you that match the shorts pants is very simple, because you can choose adherents shirts, crop tops, blouses and pullovers even slipped and slightly oversized. The same applies for shoes, since you have wide choice among those with heels or the most simple and comfortable sneakers.

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Cargo Pants Style Guide

A cargo pants cut tapered

It was THE big challenge of this trousers: keep leg adjusted characteristic military trousers, while having a good male silhouette.

And as you say, it was not possible with thighs as tightly as a raw denim!

Because the goal was also to have a relaxed figure.

Cutting the most suitable for our requirements is the so-called tapered, with volume on the thighs, but fittées legs. This is a more advanced cutting than we usually do, and that can bring variety to the classic cup semi-slim you begin to know well!

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