Genbeta Dev, New Blog for Developers (Also of Android)

Today we are at Weblogs SL, editor of Xataka Android release. On this occasion we launched Genbeta Dev, a publication created by and for developers. We want to offer every day articles with the relevance of the sector, focusing on the main novelties of all platforms and languages (including Android). But, above all, we want to explain what each new implications for developers, with an analysis of each one of us. Continue reading →

Twitter Opens Analysis Tool for More Users

The rumors that Twitter would release a tool analysis have circulated since the beginning of the year. Shortly after, one of the company executives confirmed that it existed, but did not give many details. And yesterday the social network called for a “select group of users” to test the tool, which is still in alpha state. One of these users, @mogoonsemetrics, sent two screenshots tool for the blog Mashable. Continue reading →

Twitter Starts to Show Important Tweets Posted While You Were Away

A peculiar feature of Twitter is that tweets of all the people you follow are displayed in chronological order, with no automatic filter as the Facebook. The problem with this is that if you stay away for a few hours, you may miss something that might interest you. So, Twitter began to release a feature called “While you’ve been missing.”

The feature works exactly the way you might think: it shows the most important tweets posted while you were not using the Twitter application. It is not clear how these tweets are selected, but it is likely that the social network consider the number of favorites and retweets to determine the level of relevance – more or less as they already do in the summary that send daily by email.

Just scroll down the screen to return to see the tweets in chronological order, so the change is not as drastic as the Facebook, which simply does not allow display all posts from your friends without footlights. But this is an important change: until now, Twitter had not released any great resource that broke the chronological rhythm of tweets.

For now, the novelty seems to be restricted to a group of users from the United States, but the appeal had already been revealed in November, when Twitter announced a series of changes, including custom timelines and native support for videos. At the time, they said they would increase the pace of changes and product improvements over the coming months. We’ll see.


Twitter Enables New Interface for All Users

After a few months in which certain users have access, on Thursday Twitter decided to activate the new interface for absolutely everyone to publish their nonsense in the service microblog. The information was provided by @Support, the microblogging account that – as the name suggests – answers questions from users and warns you about news. Continue reading →