New Year’s Eve in Bahia Will Have Jonas Blue

The fifth edition of the Sundance Festival promises to be an unprecedented experience.Held in Uíki, in Arraial d’Ajuda, in the south of Bahia, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, the event comes with many new features this season.There will be three days of celebration: December 28th, 29th and 31st, with programming that will be extended to the whole day, with music, fashion and gastronomy.The multi sectors will be divided into two stages, Beer Alley, Windsurf Memorial, Gastronomic Feirinha and Fashion.

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Vintage Decoration for Bedroom-How to Decorate with Style!

Looking for a beautiful and elegant visual style for your room? Check out our exclusive article about vintage decor to a room and be inspired!

When we talk about the most interesting decorative designs for an apartment or a House, you can find various decorative styles, colors and shapes for decoration of various environments, and room decor tends to be the most abundant in varieties and possibilities, which makes him one of the rooms where we spent most of our time requiring further care to us to your decor.

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