Wall Stickers That Mimic Objects Photos

The stickers are being increasingly used in decoration and can innovate the visual of the walls. They allow several compositions and fit into every room in the House. To a bandage on the vertical space with different figures, it is possible to work with creativity and good taste to ensure the best results.

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3D Letters Wall Stickers

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Here we cover already composed words, but also simple letters that you can easily put together to names or other creative thought. The white 3D letters will surely fit snuggly in the office, on a bookshelf or in the bedroom!

The decorative letters a created by a lightweight foam-matieral which has a nice white surface, as it easily can further paint or decorate. The 3D letters can also easily be hung up on the wall (we suggest the use of Tesa Tack adhesive tape).

Please notes: the letters F and P, as well as the numbers 4 and 7 cannot stand by itself.