Wall Stickers That Mimic Objects Photos

The stickers are being increasingly used in decoration and can innovate the visual of the walls. They allow several compositions and fit into every room in the House. To a bandage on the vertical space with different figures, it is possible to work with creativity and good taste to ensure the best results.

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Wall Stickers for Offices Models and Prices

In our times it is very common for someone to spend more time at the Office than at home. This in itself is reason enough that your workplace is cozy, providing a pleasant space where play their professional roles.

Many times that white wall facing you is so clean that it does. Or so the relaxed atmosphere that you want is not hit with paint and brush. For these cases, there are the wall stickers for offices, in the most varied ways, options and prices.

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10 Ideas with Motivational Phrases on Vinyl

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to keep in mind certain ideas with which to confront daily aspects. Not every day is the same and it is not always possible to show a huge smile with which to leave the house. What is possible is to do everything in our power to find stimuli of happiness in small gestures, things etc. Continue reading →

Wall Stickers with Exciting Designs

Music DJ Headphones Wall Stickers For Living Room Home Art For Home Decoration PVC Waterproof Decal The Most Exciting Surfing Wall Stickers Home Decor Water Sports Art Design Removable Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

The site has not only wall stickers and there is also an incredible number of exciting designs in the form of decorative window film stickers for Windows. The decorations are available in two variants: the private window film as one cannot see through, and the second variant consists of beautiful and colorful images.

The private window film as one cannot see through, comes with many beautiful patterns of flowers and other stylish designs.

Explore the section with wall decoration with www.bridgat.com/! Find something that falls in your particular taste, and that fits into your home! The window stickers looks in particular flashy out when the sun skinder through and clarify the high quality of the print.


3D Letters Wall Stickers

LOVE HOME English letters decoration Personalized Wooden Name Plaques Word Letters 3D Wall sticker Door Art Wedding Photo Props New Creative Silver Color Acrylic Mirror Effect LOVE Letter Decal Wall Sticker Clock Mechanism Decoration

Here we cover already composed words, but also simple letters that you can easily put together to names or other creative thought. The white 3D letters will surely fit snuggly in the office, on a bookshelf or in the bedroom!

The decorative letters a created by a lightweight foam-matieral which has a nice white surface, as it easily can further paint or decorate. The 3D letters can also easily be hung up on the wall (we suggest the use of Tesa Tack adhesive tape).

Please notes: the letters F and P, as well as the numbers 4 and 7 cannot stand by itself.