How Are Cotton T-Shirts Made?

Soft, durable, comfortable and with a great trim. So are the cotton t-shirts. But from the cotton picked from the plantation to his wardrobe in the shape of those pieces that are already fashionable icons, there was a long process. Discover below how the cotton t-shirts are made for you that you want to customize your shirts, or even for […]


Tie! Belts and Sashes that Sets Between the Famous

Worn over the clothes, they guarantee a safety belt of pestle well marked and a wardrobe full of charm and modern By Natalia Master waist marked follows steady as station trend. This look, inspired by the years 80, brings belts and tracks as featured on the clothes, calling the full attention of all costumes for […]


Chronicle: Diaper Anxiety

Have you noticed that your friend got kids so you not seen as often? You might think that is because he now chose to focus on the family, that he no longer can swing at the pub with you when he has a blöjbak at home that screams for attention. I suspect that you suspect the wife/boyfriend/girlfriend […]


How To Use Female Leather Jackets

Just the temperature fall, women begin to get out of the closet the leather jackets to parade in the streets. Since the ‘ 80 classical, mostly leather jacket in black is one of those essential items in the female wardrobe.