Fishing with the Bibi Fleet Fleet in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico


Last July I was on vacation with my family in the beautiful port of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico and had the opportunity to remember old times, when I left for the first you see a deep-sea fishing with my grandfather and my father that God is in his glory, date was the summer of 1974, the BIBI Fleet fleet service provider Our site on that occasion were 6 captured candles which were released 3 more a Black Marlin that my father fought for 4 hours but it was evening and the long return so short the piola.

My grandfather, a server was 6 years old and my father.

New account returned to Mazatlan the summer of 77 there was my second fishing trip with the BIBI fleet, the quiet morning we get a couple of golds more two kegs, saw a bollado blue marlin that didn’t chop more candle failed attack and returned to port.

Back to port after a good fishing.

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