Wedding Trends that You Should Avoid This Year

In the search for current wedding trends you can get inspired brides and grooms on Pinterest, Instagram and co. But not everything there is original or imitative. Here are seven trends that you can neglect in your planning.

Whether wedding dress, food, or decoration, the location: Social networks are the right address when it comes to designing the wedding.However, if you want to experience a truly unique day, do not miss the following ideas this year. Continue reading →

American Style Wedding

Ready to arrange a marriage American style? So here are the best tips for wedding with stars and stripes from the clothes to the details, from the location to the car and interests for a perfect reception.
The wedding reception is something we are determined by the tastes of the couple, that’s why the wedding planning develops more and more to satisfy the many needs that the market of the spouses requires and offers. Continue reading →

The Bridegroom Wears this Jewelery

Especially on such festive occasions, like their own wedding, many men remember to wear jewelry and very special accessories.And then, in most cases, all the pieces of jewelery that have just been bought or given away for such occasions are also shown.Which of these are and how you should select or combine them, you will find in this blogpost today. Continue reading →

Wedding Hair Accessories 2013

Wedding hair accessories can make to that unique touch of glamour and sophistication. Here is the most beautiful for the 2013 season

The wedding hairstyle is a very important part of the look, because it is the element that defines the character of the dress. For example, a lady who choose a style “flower child” can let her hair down and say no more, the flowers are perfect for romantic and classic brides tiaras for those with a mind to resemble as much as possible to a Princess. Continue reading →

18 Songs for Wedding

Once all have resorted to the search engines and typed that “songs for a wedding” and all its derivatives: songs for the toast, for the video of the wedding, prom…

The majority of couples have their song but it is true that when it comes to soundtrack 24 hours full of moments to remember the task of finding the right songs is complicated, especially if you want to escape the wedding songs, leaving in all the listings and that sound at all weddings because it touches. Continue reading →

How to Get Acrylic Nails Step by Step

If you like taking care of your nails and have them short at the moment, but look after she eventually breaks, on the very day to go to the wedding of a friend? or because that week is important at work?

It is very easy and cheap to make they go on more compridinhas again, take care of the hands is essential.

Learn how to put fake nails

First remove any residue of the nail polish with acetone common

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How to Choose Men’s Wedding Shoes


We must know that the men in a ceremony, play a fundamental role and for this reason, you should spend some time to choose the ones that suit our and, especially, completely functional for the occasion. Very important right away, is to try to focus on those shoes by DIY (see how on that match more closely to the clothes we’re wearing, to make our clothing is perfectly in harmony in the different parts that compose it.

Let’s start by saying that man cannot disregard for its ceremonial shoes, black, which as we all know, is notoriously symbol of extreme elegance and refinement. Once we have chosen the color, we can then move on to the lacing. With regard to this area, we must know that according to certain protocols of elegance, the choice should fall on a shoe that is concise, but you can also use a shoe with the buckles, as long as it is simple and no flashy logos. Another good alternative to these proposals so far, is the moccasin, no strings, is a less formal and which retains a touch of elegance and style, now we are going to live.

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