Top 5: Female Bags to Use End-of-Year Parties

With the new year coming, you already know what will be the look of your big night the turn?The moment calls for a look very beautiful and different, so it is good to start thinking before in use in the last hours of the year. To assist in these choices, we’ve compiled here the best tips about  5 models of handbags for the new year’s Eve party. Continue reading →

The New Brand of Bathing Suits Drawn to Watercolors

The first collection has only 10 models, which are handmade by seamstresses in Lisbon.

Teresa Gonçalves is 19 years old, studying Law at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, and is enjoying the course. But there is another parallel passion-deep down, you just need to have pencil and paper around for life to be perfect

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5 Tips to Keep Bikinis, Swimwear and Swimsuits in Summer

Summer/tips -summer has recorded the highest temperatures of the last ten years. And, of course, bathing suits, bikinis and swimwear as, request special care during this period. Because the Sun, pool, salt water and sand, in constant contact with these parts can wear out the fabric and fade the colors. Another factor that contributes to decrease the quality of the clothes is the constant washing, it is often performed incorrectly. To help, the specialist in organisation of Home Organizer, Ingrid Lisbon, listed some simple and effective tips to take care of the most used during the summer.

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Swimwear Summer, Bikinis and Swimsuits

The holidays have arrived, the heat increased, the time has come to think of beachwear that you will use this summer, whether on the beach or in the pool, the important thing is to enjoy the summer that is there. The shop windows of Brazil are already covered what is tendency for the 2015 summer, newsy.

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