Tape LED Strip Lights

8mm Wide 2.5m Long LED Strip 60 Beads per Meter 12W12V Tape Light LED Tape Light 5M Strip Light DC12V 60pcs LED 3528 Beads per Mete

The tape LED described on http://www.dictfurniture.com/lighting-ceiling-fans/philips-led-bulb-gu5-3-cap-3/ is remarkably flexible, allowing a variety of its development so that it can be for example used for rounded or angular edges. LED strips are made of silicone, plastic, very resistant to heat and water. Thanks also to withstand heavy loads, it is resistant to tearing and can be easily and quickly fix. The appropriate degree of protection is preparing a tape for use on the outside. For example, the tape LED with 33 IP (IP stands for “Ingress Protection” or “protection against penetration”) is protected against foreign bodies larger than 2.5 mm and splashing rain or to 60 °.


Flexible decorative elements: LED strip

There are infinitely many types of application tapes LED: whether as lighting as a decoration of the garden or the highlight from the back of the TV screen. You can also do, for example, indirect lighting. Special lighting effects make the tape LED changing color, and some can even be comfortably controlled with the remote control. It is also possible to set different colors of light, so you can use them to create varied lighting. LED tapes also have variable length, so the implementation of their totally individual perceptions. Especially in commercial premises-for example for advertising at exhibitions-allow for great freedom to shape space. However, unlike plug-in systems tape LED strip can only shorten. That is to say: the tape LED does not can be divided into, and then reconnect. The advantage of LED strips is their compact design, which-in combination with a small heat generation – allow the lighting of the smallest space.