Tchibo Watch Instructions

Watches have a long tradition in the Christmas business of Germany’s largest coffee roaster Tchibo. In addition to models of Asian origin, a watch with a historic vintage movement that is no longer installed already for a long time enriched the collection. The core values read well: A housing made of stainless steel, sapphire glass, water resistant up to 50 meters, hand-wound movement from old manufacturing with date and small seconds display. The floor is screwed on and allows the FHF 362 views through a glass insert. A good reason to order the clock online here and once more under the magnifying glass.

Tchibo Watch Instructions

FHF stands for the Fabrique d ‘ Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF), a Swiss manufacturer of movements, which was active until the early of 1980s. Founded the company was already in 1793, FHF making it one of the traditional manufacturers of Switzerland. The calibre 362 dating back to the 60s, is equipped with a shock absorber and 17 functional Rubin bushings. It is technically on the amount of time – up to the setting of the date. Due to lack of a quick adjustment, the watch owner with a correction of the date between 21 and 0 must switch clock to generate the date jump. The work itself is equipped with a hammered pattern, which was at that time quite common. The housing bears a nice graining, sets an additional accent around the ground. Is incomprehensible, why Tchibo has his complete mailing address in the ground engrave leave. This should – not have since you need a magnifying glass to rea.

Actually a full specification on the Caseback the first test watch of my life, has. The Perlierung around the Caseback is visually appealing and unusual. © Thomas Gronenthal

On the time scale, the movement runs very exactly. The amplitude is high-more than 290 degrees when fully wound, the deviation in any position more than + 7 seconds / 24 hours. This can no current Swiss work better! Also on the arm, the response behavior of the clock purchased for the test is flawless. The Crown can be operated very well, and the morning ritual of pulling up is fun. The movement is also attached to a factory ring made of metal in the body – a sign of high quality processing. The Sapphire arching across the dial, which bears an imprint in the form of waves. The markers are placed, the small second is equipped with a circular cut. The readability is not optimal due to the low contrast, under normal lighting conditions but absolutely sufficient. The wave pattern gives beautiful light reflections of the dial.

All processing is on a very good level.Even the leather strap is high quality, chrome free tanned and soft and pliable, stitched and fitted with a massive stainless steel buckle. The size is good portable and a 38 mm are adequate watch with historical work-even quite also for ladies with lust at a large clock possible.

Oh yes-the price: Tchibo calls 299 euros for the watch, according to In view of the facilities and of the very rare movement that is no longer manufactured for a long time and has survived only in small surplus, this price is a bargain. Certainly not cheap – but definitely good value for money, and thus a clear buy recommendation!