Technology in Training: Get to Know GPS and Smart Watches

An American study has raised trends in the fitness universe for this year, and there was no surprise:tech gadgets topped the rankings. Learn more about them!

No CrossFit, HIIT or any other training at the moment. What promises to be the sensation this year is technologies. It was the ranking of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
Annually, the company announces what will be trend in the fitness universe, and there was no surprise:smart watches, GPS devices and applications came first. For you to follow the trend, we select some items that can help you in the day to day.
Gear Fit 2, Samsung
This sports bracelet keeps track of your race, measures distance and speed, counts the number of steps and the number of steps you climbed. In addition, in the back part, there is a heart rate sensor, which monitors the heart beats. With Gear Fit 2, you can also control how many glasses of water you consume during the day. Price:R $ 1,199 (for sale on Saraiva’s website) according to
Unlike other racing training apps, this one counts on real trainers, who draw up their weekly spreadsheet focused on their goal (5 km, 10 km, half marathon and marathon). Another difference is that the guidelines are given in real time through your headset – and in Portuguese! You still track your performance in a custom dashboard. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Price:$ 30 per month.
Forerunner 735XT, Garmin
The GPS watch measures heart rate at the wrist, which does not require the use of the chest strap. You can choose the activity you want to monitor: running, cycling, swimming, hiking, skiing, strength training and even Stand Up Paddle. Forerunner also automatically syncs with Garmin Connect, an online fitness community where you can compare your performance with other people’s achievements and win virtual medals. Price:R $ 3,699.
This app offers two services: collective classes and personal trainer online. In the first, the user has video lessons of four different modalities: dance, Mat Pilates, 20 Minute Workout and abdominal. One can make one of them a day for free. Above that, she has to pay to have access. The personal trainer prescribes an individualized training, according to their data and goals, taking into consideration also the place where it will be held – at home, outdoors or in the gym. Price:$ 15, on Google Play, and $ 5, on the App Store (monthly subscription).
A33 Bike Computer, Acte Sports
The wireless device has a touchscreen, which allows the user to switch functions without having to press any button, avoiding a possible drop. The computer shows the temperature, total distance traveled, and speed. You can also compare the workouts already done. Price:R $ 125.
Seven – 7 Minute Training Challenge
Beginners can opt for five types of workout: full body (the only free), top, bottom, training field and stretching. The lesson lasts only seven minutes, but you can extend the time by repeating the proposed sequence more often. You even program audible warnings – at your preferred time – so that it alerts you that it’s time to work out. Price:US $ 5 (monthly plan).

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