Test – Diskaid And Senuti: Ipad Mutates To The Hard Disk And Supports The Mp3 Export

Functions that Apple has denied us…

Test - Diskaid And Senuti: Ipad Mutates To The Hard Disk And Supports The Mp3 Export
As innovative and functional as the Apple microcosm may be, many useful functions are vehemently interrupted by the “fruit policy”. This is not least the case for Apple’s latest creation, so the iPad can not be used as an external hard drive and the re-import of music tracks to the own computer does not succeed. But what Apple does not offer, is pleased the resourceful programmer-with DiskAid and Senuti exist two shareware programs that leverage these limitations. Both songs were originally developed for the iPod (touch) and the iPhone, and I have already discussed it in my second project Macload . Meanwhile, both tools also support the iPad-I did not hesitate, and joined the Praxistest.

DiskAid-The iPad as a USB Mass
Storage In order to use the iPad as an external storage medium, one does not necessarily have to perform a jailbreak, it is also enough to use a small software: DiskAid! After the download, you open the program and find a file browser similar to the Finder of Mac OS X or Windows Explorer. In the so-called DiskAid Folder you can now down and down files (by menu or Drag & Drop), as well as it is possible to create own folders and subfolders. Especially liked with the bookmark function, similar to the Finder of the Mac, you can create file / order links for faster access.

DiskAid also allows access to the media folder of the iPad, so you can also transfer pieces of music from the iPad to the computer. However, at this point you only see the confused file format of the iTunes database and not the names of the titles themselves. In this case, the comfortable use of Senuti (see below) is more sensible. DiskAid allows full use of the software for 15 days, afterwards you have to register and purchase a license key for cheap 9.90 dollars.Because DiskAid is available for both Mac and Windows, it is a useful alternative for data exchange. The only downside – the software has to be installed before. For the spontaneous data exchange with friends, in the case of the first use but certainly also the free test version.

Senuti-re-importing music tracks to your own computer Copying
music to the iPad is easy, thanks to iTunes, this effort is effortless. However, Apple and/or the music industry has something against it, as a mature citizen already existing music titles back to the computer back-apart from songs already bought in the iTunes store. Senuti-for very clever contemporaries, iTunes backwards read-bypasses this restriction and, similar to DiskAid, allows access to the media library of the iPad. In contrast to DiskAid, however, Senuti presents the songs just as in iTunes, meaning all ID3 tags. Thus, the pieces to be transferred can be easily found and copied.

Senuti automatically copies all selected songs directly to the iTunes library of the Mac or alternatively to another location of the computer. The integrated search function and the option to listen to the music directly in a preview are especially worth mentioning.Unfortunately, Senuti is also no longer free of charge in the current version for the iPad. You will receive a 30-day trial, which allows you to copy up to 1,000 songs. Anyone who wants to use Senuti afterwards needs 18 dollars.

Both programs extend the functionality of the iPad in a simple way. Although it is unfortunate that Apple itself does not offer the customers these options, but at least the apple farmers make sure that resourceful programmers can earn a budget-even off of an app store;-).