Tezenis Swimwear Rita Ora

Today let us see the collection of swimwear Bombebikini for summer 2010, the Italian brand is beloved by the girls for two reasons, the first is the fresh, young and colorful that characterizes all the heads of the label, the second are the prices as always Tezenis is the promoter of the low cost fashion, lingerie, underwear, pajamas and swimwear at the most competitive prices on the market. Today we present the swimsuits nicer and glam that you find in stores and that, at this point, they will also be on sale.

Fashion Tezenis is saucy and fashion, alongside more classical lines also are the leaders who follow the trend of the season and that are inspired by fashion flowing premiered on runways around the world.

The swimsuits Tezenis are vibrant and colorful, we have so many glamorous and modular proposals, you can buy panties and bra separately and create your costumes in a personal and unique way, taking advantage of the infinite possible combinations.

The Tezenis costumes you can find them with fantasies 70 years, with floral prints, polka dots and solid color, the bras are available in many models as well as the slip in order to meet the needs of all women.