The 5 Most Wanted in Brazil for Beach Fishing

Fishing has different modes, such as fly, trolling, fishing for construction, ocean fishing and Beach fishing. The Beach fishing is widely practiced in Brazil, both in shallow beaches as on beaches of tombo, whose depth increases rapidly. In the country, there are many beaches sought for fishing in States such as Bahia, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Meet famous beaches in five different States to practice this sport.

Beach of Massarandupió (BA)

Rasa Beach, fine white sand, located in the municipality of Entre Rios, 93 Km from Salvador, Bahia. It has strong waves, much frequented for the practice of naturism. The beach stretches for more than 5 km, accessible by the green line through the Km 88, meaning Savior-Aracaju.

The fish, for being a shallow beach, are found further out and is necessary to use equipment suitable for longer casts on Beach fishing . Fish found: Pope-land; Roncador; bluefin trevally; Pompano; Beard; catfish and Stingray according to alltimefishing.

Camburi Beach (s)

Coarse sandy beach situated in the capital of Espírito Santo, the city of Victory. Edge with six kilometers long, quite bustling and urbanised, with strong presence of fishermen. Is the only beach of the city located on the Mainland and with the best hotel structure, ideal for Beach fishing.

Hosts also many sporting events, like tournaments of beach volleyball, beach soccer and sailing championships. Some fish found are the sea bass, whiting, Grouper, the Snorer and the Stingray.

Barra de Maricá (RJ)

Clear sand beach and green and transparent waters, located in Marica, Rio de Janeiro State. Nine kilometers long and width between 15 and 20 m, being surrounded by the sandbank, by many kiosks and dunes and lagoon of Maricá (in the neighborhood of Zechariah, where the fishermen’s Village).

In addition to being widely used for line (a type of Beach fishing), is suitable for bathers. Fish found: Blowfish; Pompano; Pope-land; sardines; Flyer; sea bass among others.

Massaguaçu Beach (SP)

Tombo beach with coarse sand, strong waves and marine currents that pass too close to the edge, located in the city of Caraguatatuba, São Paulo. Historical place, where the history of Beach fishing dates back to the times of colonization. It is considered one of the best beaches in the Southeast to practice throwing fishing with your feet in the sand; It is not necessary to get into the water for the pitch, because the first channel is at a distance of approximately 10 metres from the beach.

In their own waters, it is possible to find baits quality living (crustaceans, fish and molluscs). Offers wide variety of fish, such as sea bass; sea bass; cation; betara; stingray, catfish; miraguaia; pilombeta; Blowfish; ubarana; Catfish; Maria luíza and farnangaio.

Praia Grande Yugandhar (SC)

Tombo beach of coarse sand, lies in the city of São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina. Is an area of environmental protection, regarded as the best beach for fishing on the North coast of the State. Is frequented primarily by fishermen, showing good range of large fish. The most wanted for the carrying out of major events of Beach fishing. Types of fish: miraguaia; Pompano; parati; betara; striped bass; catfish; carapeba; elephantfish and roncador.

If you appreciate the Beach fishing, make your script! Have visited any of these beaches? Tell me what you think as a place to fish! Let your tip also place for Beach fishing! The Brazil offers many wonderful options.