The Android Market Website Get Latest News

Google knows that it must improve its applications store Android Market, and today the update has reached to its web version where you have added five news it easier to know what are the best apps for Android.

The first novelty, and surely more respondent by users, is that we finally have tops downloads, where can we know which are the applications more downloads, separate payment applications and free applications.

Creates the ID and section Selection of editors, where will Google staff select what are the best apps and games that are available for Android. Currently there are very few applications with this logo, but we hope that over time become a way to identify good applications.

You create another called identifier Featured developer, where is it will get the developers where most of your applications get good scores, a way to recognize the quality of the developer. This identifier will be next to the name of the developer.

Now when you install an application from the website we recommend other related applications, It relies on people who downloaded that application will also downloaded those others, to publicize alternatives or complements.

Finally add in the Android Market home page sections Popular applications y Games best sellers where can you see which are the most downloaded or purchased the day applications.

We hope that all these changes get that finally we can always locate the best applications and not have to search among applications that they don’t deserve the penalty in the first positions, and applications that are not worthy or not serve for nothing will be at the back of the store.