The Battle of the Tablets

I saw an interview with Steve Jobs, some years ago, in which he makes an analogy between computers, smartphones and tablets. According to him, in a near future personal computers will be as trucks; have iPhones and iPads, as cars. “Some have to use heavier duty trucks,” said Jobs, “but most will use cars, lighter and more versatile.” This phrase of former ceo of Apple hit me like a thunderbolt. Without a doubt, was the highest-placed analogy I’ve ever heard.

Assuming, in the future, all our readers will be reading the El Hombre in tablets or phones, I feel compelled to open the curtain of a war that is going on behind the scenes of the world of technology. For a long time, various companies have tried to create a laptop with touch screen; only Apple made it. Today if you count the iPad as a PC, Apple is the largest seller of computers in the world. And all companies want a piece of this market: Google, Amazon and Microsoft are just a few of the companies that have already launched or will launch tablets this year according to TIMELESSTABLETS.COM.

Let’s talk a little bit now, of the members in the war that is already happening.


The Nexus is a trademark that Google has created for your mobile devices: we had some cell phones manufactured by HTC and Samsung, but the company chosen to produce the Nexus 7 (7 tablet “) was the Asus. It doesn’t come with rear camera, but who takes pictures on a thing like that? For being less than the current, it is more portable and lighter, making him a good companion. It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which greatly improved your performance. But the main attraction is the price: only $ $199. A great attraction for those who want to be prepared for the future.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire was the first tablet with 7 “inches, manufactured by Amazon, and is being threatened by the launch of the Nexus. The price of both is the same, but the Fire is far slower and doesn’t have a front camera for video conferencing. Amazon has plans to Fire 2, but nothing concrete has yet been shown.


Microsoft is making a risky game by entering this market. This week some sources reported that the Surface will come with an affordable price, under $ $200. By the number of innovative features, I bet that the sale is not targeted to profit; hopefully will have a break even. The strategy is to infiltrate a market dominated by your archenemy, Apple, and thus encourage other manufacturers to license your new software, Windows 8.


Samsung is already in this war for some time, but not yet accounted for a large slice of the market, how did you get with their smartphones. With a 10.1 tablet “and 7”, is putting a lot of chips in that industry, but none of the two devices come with substantial news. They are fast and have technical features, but nothing to grab the consumer. Prices are not as low, thus leaving the Korean company in a dangerous ground. But we can expect it to stay in the point, and in a short time new and more attractive tablets.


The iPad holds 68% of the market and is by far the most wanted in stores, making it the enemy was beaten by everybody. Your price is high: the greater account is $ $399. But the uncomplicated and operating system design make it worth your while. And for being the first tablet, the iPad has a marketing advantage over your competitors. How Apple is not blind, saw these new tablets of low price a threat to your hegemony. Some experts give for granted the release of the iPad mini, which would bring a 7 “screen and a more affordable price, something under $ $300.

But the fact is the following: this fight between giants is great for us. As more brands jostle to woo consumers, the better their products and lower their prices. Independent of the tablet that you choose, so you can be sure you will have a quality, very useful for professional functions and for spending free time.