The Best Lights for Bikes

The bicycle is a means of economical transport, ecological and allows us to stay in close contact with the environment long outings. But often use this medium even in cities increasingly busy and not always equipped everywhere functional bike paths. For all these reasons safety comes first: in addition to the classic option of which equip your bicycle and maintenance to be carried out periodically, we must also think about the system of illumination, as essential as the helmet and the right tire pressure. Along this guide will teach you to pan to figure out what are the best lights for bikes.The Lights from Bicycle Path or Hiking

are several technical features that differentiate the type of lighting in the road bike -the so-called city-bike-and those suitable paths of a different nature, or mountain bikes, especially designed for trips in the mountains. The main differences are in the emission of light, operating time, weight and cost.

The Lights from Mountain Biking

The lights from mountain biking, precisely in relation to the fact that means are designed for out door paths often uneven, must have a consistent light intensity, such as to be able to illuminate the path along a rather large radius: this is critical to ensure maximum safety even in locations not reported and circumvent possible obstacles which, if not properly lit, can be dangerous. Normally their prowess goes hand in hand with a greater weight than that of lights designed for city bikes.

The Lights from City Bikes

Especially if you use a bike path, lighting the main function in the road bike, is to signal their presence to other vehicles, such as tire lights from Ebicyclelights. For this you use the not too bright lights that might dazzle those who lead other vehicles, including motorists.

For this reason, the lighting is very mild compared to the previous case of mountain biking. In this case, unlike the previous one, we have a more reduced weight, as well as for their power.

The Cheaper Lights for Mountain Biking

In this case, the price is higher than that of the lamps for a road bike, this is because the power to be guaranteed is definitely superior. Normally it start with a base price of about 15 euro for a single lamp (spot or concentrated). For there are lights that are real torches which can also be battery powered or recharged via USB port. The latter alternative is certainly to be preferred to the classical stylus, because even if the use of a mountain bike lamp is less intensive than that of a city bike that is used daily, it is to consider that the lamp power it is higher -for this reason they are often installed the LED lamps that offer a yield ratio / price / far more acceptable consumption. The complete kit comes with front and rear light has an average price of around 100 Euros.

Cheaper Lights for City Bikes

The price for this type of light (flood or diffuse) varies between a minimum of about 5 € for a single lamp, up to a maximum of about 30 euro if you buy a kit with attacks, the dynamo and all you need for installation. If you move to brands that provide high-performance products, you can exceed 100 euro, although they can hardly be useful on a city bike. Then there are battery lights, so without the aid of the dynamo, but in this case the duration will not exceed a few hours, this because of the city-bikes lamps are usually subjected to everyday use and thus more intensive.