The Bridegroom Wears this Jewelery

Especially on such festive occasions, like their own wedding, many men remember to wear jewelry and very special accessories.And then, in most cases, all the pieces of jewelery that have just been bought or given away for such occasions are also shown.Which of these are and how you should select or combine them, you will find in this blogpost today.

1. Jewelery for the Wedding: The Ehering

If there is a piece of jewelry that no man should forget on his wedding day, then it is the wedding rings . These are, of course, the most important piece of jewelery, which on this day all other jewelery pieces. Here at BarbleJewelry you can get more different models of the fashion jewelry. It is clear that both of these wedding rings have the same style and that they represent exactly what makes you (and these rings ) exactly:you are a couple and belong together.
You should preserve the herring before well sealed in the jewelry box, which you get delivered to the Eheringen.And if you have chosen the right wedding rings for you, try again and again how they sit by the finger.Even if you have determined the exact size, it can nevertheless occur by the shape and design that they are applied differently to the finger.

2. Cuff buttons for the groom

Cufflinks are important accessories for the wedding and support the festive and elegant look of the groom. Very popular are silver knit buttons , as these can be combined very well with every suit. In addition, they are a popular gift for the wedding, which the bride or even the grooms make to the groom.
But man’s buttons must by no means be kept pure in silver.They can also vary in shape and have an interesting material mix.So you can find on, for example, cuff buttons made of sterling silver, which were combined with wood.These offer a successful change and skilfully out of the mass.

3. Accessories for the wedding: The wood fly for the groom

The fly celebrates a comeback, but in this form they have not been seen so often. Because the wood fly offers very distinctive and varied details. Wooden flies are available at in various different styles. And, of course, they are not only something for the groom, but also a great accessory for the maids etc.
Wood flies are still very practical, they are much more easily tied than ties and usual flies.The fly retains its shape and the elastic band is applied with one handgrip.Very handy, if the nervousness on the day of the wedding is too strong.

4. Essential accessory for the bridegroom: The watch

Most of the men do not want to leave their own wedding ceremonies, but also like to keep an overview.This also means keeping an eye on time.With the right wristwatch you can do it, but the watch should fit well into the look and be better in classic colors, which fit the festive occasion.So if you only have a squeaky silicone watch so far, then you would have the opportunity to choose a new watch.So that you can be on time for your own wedding ceremony.

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