The Cheapest Places to Do Backpacking Around the World

Regardless of the purpose of the trip, always worth taking that basic given cheaper places to do backpacking because backpackers know save. The prices are updated every year, but basically some of the best-value destinations are concentrated in Asiaand in Eastern Europe.

The Price of Travel site has compiled a list of the cheapest cities in 2016, and the dominate much of the Asian rankings. The value of expenses per day was calculated in dollar in late January and took into account some basic items for backpack: 1 bed in a hostel good and cheap; 3 cheap meals; 2 public transport tickets; 1 entry for any cultural attraction; 3 cheap beers-because no one is iron according to pharmacylib.

Check out below them, in a progression from cheaper to more expensive:

Cheapest Places To Do Backpacking

  1. Hanoi, Viet Nam

The capital of Viet Nam is laden with history, Buddhist temples and great prices for travelers. The rice paddy fields to gastronomy, there are many reasons to visit the country and explore exotic traditions. Average spending of $17.13 per day.

  1. Goa, India

To the South of India, Goa is known for its beaches, many of them deserted, and by your side a little hippie.The backpackers have fun exploring the coast and enjoying lively parties standing in the sand that happen there. Average spending of $18.20 per day.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The second largest Thai city is recognized by your spirituality, spread over every corner and temples.Usually attract backpackers and digital nomads due to the low cost and lifestyle offers based on yoga, organic food and lots of culture. Average spending of $18.83 per day.

  1. Kiev, Ukraine

Those visiting Eastern Europe usually forget to Kiev, which is a shame. With attractive prices, ended up getting still cheaper after the crisis passed in 2014. In addition to numerous historical attractions, the city is also the starting point for the Crimean coast and walk through the Black Sea. Average spending of $20.75 per day.

  1. La Paz, Bolivia

Regarded as the cheapest destination Latin America, Bolivian capital is coveted by backpackers from around the world. That’s because it’s the starting point for some famous places, like the Salar de Uyuni and Laguna Verde. You can stay in hostels and eating well.Average spending 22.87 dollars a day.

  1. Quito, Ecuador

Surrounded by natural beauties like the Quilotoa volcano and the Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador’s capital has one of the most valued and preserved historical centers of Latin America. Backpackers Board not only on the cable car which bisects the city, but in train travel by incredible scenery. Average spending 23.15 dollars per day.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

Full of fascination and mysteries, the capital of Egypt offers plenty of culture with low investment. Leaving the chaos and the intense movement of the side streets, it’s worth venturing between pyramids, museums and other places of the country. Average spending of $24.25 per day.

  1. Manila, Philippines

Who’s going to Philippines is paradisiacal scenarios, but it is the chaotic capital that has prices more into account. The nightlife is well animated and the city is in constant motion. The good news is that there are several islands that surround it, where the turquoise blue sea is perfect for diving. Average spending of $24.29 a day.

  1. Bucharest, Romania

Emerging destination, Bucharest has good prices, especially on stay. Its attractions are concentrated in castles and historic buildings, but the city is a starting point for the surroundings of the country, where there are more entertainment. Average spending of $24.30 per day.

  1. Krakow, Poland

Regarded as one of the cheapest destinations of Europe, the charming Krakow is a good option for those who want to explore the old continent spending little. Prices on food, lodging and other attractions usually impress travelers and cause glow of backpackers. Average spending of $24.83 per day.