The Fitbit Charge Bracelet For Athletes

Quantifying Bracelets or Smatband are fashionable, and manufacturers of these devices know it. That’s why brands like Fitbit are improving their models of smart bracelets, one of these models is improved the appearance of the Firbit Charge.

A few years ago the Smartband was a device that seemed reserved for high level athletes. But every day is getting more fashionable among those who do sports eventually. Fitbit is one of the brands that want to reach people who like to play sports and who are not in the profile of elite athletes, but simply want to know if we are doing things right.

Fitbit brings us a bracelet that has evolved from the previous models of the brand. This has incorporated a simple and practical touch screen that brings it a little closer to a Smartwatch.

What Is The Purpose Of The Fitbit Charge Bracelet For?

This device, above all, is a quantitative bracelet . It gives us data of thesteps given , distance that we have traveled, active time and also monitors our sleep . The difference between the Fifbit Charge with previous Fitbit is its OLED screen that allows us to see some data, and of course, also the time. Also another novelty is that we can activate the notification of calls, and thanks to our bracelet we will know that they are calling us, in addition to being able to see the name of the person who calls us.

The Charge Bracelet once synchronized with an external device, which can be our Smartphone, will transfer the data periodically that it has collected.

The application that Fitbit brings is compatible with both Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which we think you will not have any problem of incompatibility. It is a very good application that will help you for example, to monitor your dream, or to know the calories you have consumed. It connects wirelessly through bluetooth.

How Is The Fitbit Charge Bracelet.

The bracelet has in our opinion a nice design, and is not at all striking; Can go unnoticed in our wrist. The bracelet smart has a width of 2.11 cm and is made of plastic. It is a very light bracelet that does not stop you from doing your sporting activity, as well as your daily life. In addition the improved stainless steel closure makes it more secure that you do not fall off the wrist.

One of the great advantages of this Smartband is the long battery life(compared to Smartwatch), according to manufacturer’s instructions can last 7 days, although our experience tells us that it is normal 5 days. It also brings us a USB port to charge.

The Fitbit Charge bracelet can be found in two sizes. The size S of 14 to 17 cm of diameter of wrist and the L of 16 to 20 cm. Also currently it is in two colors. You can find the Charge on Amazon for a price of 129,00 € thesedays.