The Five Best Nail Arts of the International Fashion Weeks

I’ll start this post by saying that I’ve never been very much a fan of nail art, so I have not said anything about them until now. However, after months of seeing pictures of celebrities, it girls, bloggers and now even models in the parades, I felt that I could no longer avoid the subject.

They were successful in the major fashion weeks of the world, such as New York, London and Milan and were the bets of stylists to complement the looks in a different and fun way. Thus, the fashion of blending colors and making nail designs is no longer a teenage craze and has gained  fashion status, winning women and more cool models in the northern hemisphere.

In this wave of nail art, those who like the more traditional glazes, like me, can bet on the designs with more sober colors and simpler features. The most cheerful prints that mix strong tones with fun figures should be left to those who are not afraid to play the trend and have enough boldness to hold it.

To inspire them, I have separated my five favorite nail arts from international fashion weeks. Does this fashion also get here? Are you already wearing it? Tell me the comments!