The Footwear in the Winter

The falling leaves show it clearly : The golden autumn is in full swing and the icy winter approaches with great steps.

Frost and difficult weather do not mean that you have to do without chic shoes in the coming season. But on the contrary!

To help you find the latest winter models, I have compiled the great trends of the coming season for you. Discover now, wonderful boots , boots and pumps, which will guarantee you style and confidence through the coming months!

Boots have boom!

This winter is nothing without a beautiful pair of boots. Particularly popular are models in the currently very popular 1960s style. This means: Knee high, narrow cut, with comfortable funnel or block heel.When you combine these wonderful retro pieces with a waisted coat and a skirt in A-line or wide-leg pants, you get a finished it outfit!

The high-heeled boots have a refined glossy finish .

Another trend model , which already caused catatrophes last year, are overknees. The very high-cut boots are known to be a very seductive, chic image, but can also be styled simply and sophisticated.

The golden rule here is: tone in tone stylen. Always keep in mind that the color of your overknees is similar to the color of your pants or stockings .

In this way the shoes look very subtle, fresh and casual and can be worn not only in the evening, but also during the day to casual looks.

Casual It-Pieces: Rocky ankle boots and boots

If you like rocky styles, you should definitely take this winter to the latest ankle boots and boots. The semi-high shoe models show up in the coming months from their ultra-cool side . Whether sparkling rivets, chain links, casual lacing or eye-catching soles.

In the wild trend-pieces coming season will not pass a stylish woman.

If you want to land high up on the trend scale, you now choose lace-up ankle boots with mid-heels and a thick profile sole.

These must-haves, on the other hand, are very relaxed, but remain feminine and elegant thanks to their heels.

In order for the applications and lacing to come into their own, you should choose shoes in reserved earth tones.

Particularly popular are rich blacks and soft brown nuances. If you are looking for a more casual trend shoe, you should invest in a pair of high-quality Chelsea boots from Opelikafashion. The ankle-high boots with their characteristic side straps are real fashion classics, which are currently celebrated as trendy must-haves.

The great thing about this timeless model: Chelsea boots fit every look thanks to their straightforward design, are very comfortable thanks to the mini-heel and always look unattended.

Also a must in winter: Elegant pumps

Who wants to do without cool temperatures because of cool temperatures?Finally, the elegant shoes are among the absolute basics of any well-chosen wardrobe.Fortunately, models with a light plateau and wide heels are extremely popular this winter.

With these trend pieces, you are staggering, yet still standing through the most unpleasant frost weather.If you want to be particularly stylish, choose models in taupe, cream and nude tones.

More weather-resistant and just as trendy: Pumps in dark nuances and glossy lacquer look. If your models also have fine straps, you have found a pair of absolute it pieces.

The thin fabric stripes are now again very vogue and make every look look chic and stylish.

A tip: If you’re afraid to freeze in the open shoes, you should wear socks in them.While this combination of fashion circles was long-termed, it is now worn by fashionistas with great self-assurance.

But be careful not to choose colorful, bright variants, as they quickly distract you from your trendy shoes and visually kill your fine pumps.