The Mission of the Vintage Mannequin

When 13 years ago, Silvia Moyano opened the first El Maniquí Vintage store on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona, ​​inaugurating something more than a business model with little presence in the city. It also offered the city a philosophy. A mission where the garments are meticulously selected and defend the principles of authentic vintage.

Because choosing vintage to dress is a decision that affects many factors according to VINTAGEMATTERS. On the one hand, the nostalgia of wearing garments of other times; On the other hand, the renunciation of fashion circuits that nullify the singularity; And on the other, the ecological conscience, where the reuse of the garments faces the ephemeral use and of low quality.

Silvia has defended these values ​​for years, both in the Muntaner store and in the new establishment of the Gothic Quarter . His commitment to the proximity trade has also allowed him to build a community of loyal customers and friends who value his good taste and his experience in fashion design.

Visiting The Vintage Mannequin is immersing yourself in a glamorous experience . Every step is a surprise, every corner a discovery, well until you find the garment or accessory you’ve been looking for. Or maybe it happens the other way around and it’s the garment that finds you.

The Vintage Mannequin is not like any other vintage shop.Nothing to do with the shops that call vintage to secondhand clothes.There is a big difference between the clothes you will find in these establishments and the one that Silvia selects.A difference in quality, in the brand, in the origin and, above all, in the ‘soul’.

The experience of The Vintage Mannequin is part of the material to enrich our senses and offer us that ‘something more’ that gets us back home with a broad smile.