The Music, Your New Training Partner

While it is true that run to the rhythm of our favorite music has some detractors, most runners have accompanied in any, or many times, our training with music. There are pedestrians and drivers who have complaints of those runners that go with such loud music in your headphones and that are not pending what happens to your around. Those runners who trained with speaker of their phones activated for the entire city are not very accepted in the society.

The Music, Your New Training Partner

The truth is that taking into consideration rules that respect others as well as our own security, the Act add music to our sport is a very enjoyable activity. Several studies have shown that music affects us emotionally. By influencing the mental aspect can increase our performance up to 15%. The song at the right time can give you that speck of force that can keep your head focused on a rhythm or you missing in your latest series.

Now, what music is that better would you run? The answer is simple: that you want. Musical taste is very personal, while a few racers enjoy giving strides to beat of heavy metal, music dance or punk, others do it with classical music. Despite this, there is a parameter that Yes you can keep in mind when creating your playlist: the tempo. The tempo determines the speed of the music piece and normally be measured in hits or sounds per minute (BPM).

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On the internet you can find all the playlists that you can imagine according to your tastes, and many of them classified according to its BPM, as in ITunes. There are also applications like Spotify, which adjust the songs according to the rhythm that you take in that moment. If you want to know what type of song can be adjusted better at your own pace points this trick: counts the number of steps or strides for a minute. Perform this measurement with different rhythms to know that tempo need in every situation.

If you have planned a training with changes of pace session, interleaves songs with one high BPM with others lower. If what you want is to keep the pace, choose subjects with a similar BPM, regardless of musical style. Also influence much the songs that have a special meaning or dye epic movie soundtracks. What if I advise is frequently change tracks or vary its order to make training less monotonous.

Well used, the music can become a new source of motivation in training. The technology has evolved and there are on the market, music players , you can take over without hardly noticing their weight, or carrying your mobile phone with bracelets and belts to be able to connect to applications of training and be reachable at the same time. Also textile brands have evolved and tights, pants and shirts have pockets so that your mobile device or mp3 are not a burden.

What is the music that charge you the batteries during workouts? And to enjoy your favorite songs favorite gadget? I hope your comments.

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