The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

In season, out season, the dress remains the favorite piece of summer. In the stores there are models for all tastes: short, long, colorful, printed, low-cut. But before choosing yours, it is important to know that what is not always trend is going to have a perfect fit in your body.

The ideal model must appreciate its shapes, highlighting or hiding some parts. So follow our tips and learn how to choose the perfect dress for your body type.


Women with few curves should bet on tight-fitting dresses with a tight waist. Those who have long legs can enjoy wearing mini dresses without fear.

To create the illusion of wider hips, the tip is to wear dresses with side pockets and fabrics with draped or horizontal shirring effect. Beware of the long dresses , they can make your silhouette look even more straight than it already is.

Pear Shape

If you are full of curves and have wide hips, the trick is always to draw attention to the upper body and balance the silhouette. Dresses in “A” format, tighter on the top and softer underneath are perfect.

Escape the oversized dresses, enjoy the shape of your body to enhance your waistline. Choose models that leave the back, shoulders and neck in evidence and create volume in the bust. You can also achieve this effect by wearing earrings and necklaces more flashy.

Inverted Triangle

Athletic body women have arms and shoulders wider than the hips, which makes the silhouette look like an inverted triangle. The tip is to choose a model that highlights any part of the body other than the shoulders. It can be a model that marks the waist or shorter, to leave the legs well exposed.

Avoid dresses with very thick fabrics and very open necklines drawing attention to the upper body.


The skinny have the advantage of being able to use almost everything, but they must be careful so that the dress does not refine the silhouette even more. Instead of heavy fabrics and too wide, prefer the lightest and most printed. Embellishments, frills , draped and pleated effect are other features to give more volume to the body.


Those who have hourglass-shaped bodies have volume in the upper body, thin waist and advanced hips. The tip to choose the ideal dress is not to hide its attributes, but also not show more than it should. The model should not be too broad, nor too fair. Escape exaggerated necklines and mini length. Prefer solid-colored fabrics, bold prints can detonate your look.