The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Here!

Samsung has presented the new Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress – so have the rumors around the Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 finally end. Are you interested in the new Galaxy S5? Here in the blog you can learn more about the new Galaxy S5!

The new Galaxy S5 has following features: it has a sensor that measures the heart rate when you place your finger, then he appears on the new fitness Tracker S health 3.0. Also the Galaxy S5 has integrated a fingerprint sensor in the home button the one simply can unlock it. About him, you can protect sensitive data in new private mode. Also a kids fashion, about the setting, what the children so all may use if they get the Galaxy S5 in the finger when the Galaxy S is new. The AMOLED full HD display of the Galaxy S5 has grown compared to its predecessor only around 0.1 inch at 5.1 inches. The resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The camera take photos in 4:3-format with 12 megapixels and in wide mode with 16 megapixels and puts the HDR images and videos in real time – you can see that already before the picture on the display what the photo will look like. The Galaxy S5 in ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 pixel films videos.

The Galaxy S5 is certified at the factory according to IP67 – that is, the Galaxy S5 is protected against dust and nothing makes him a short water bath. A Catcher in the Galaxy S5 is the attractive rear plastic with its many small depressions in the golf ball pattern. You feels soft and leaves the Galaxy S5 when operating comfortably in the hand.

With 2800 mAh replaceable battery of the Galaxy S5 is only slightly more powerful. A so-called ultra power saving mode brings a longer battery life. A 2.5 GHz quad core CPU makes for a decent performance, it has 2 GB of memory. The internal memory is 16 GB, 32 GB variant of the Galaxy S5 one should give it also – thanks to MicroSD slot, the space is expandable.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be available in April in the colors white, black, blue and bronze. As soon as you can pre-order the Galaxy S5 with us in the shop, we inform you of course here!

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