The Secrets of Trolling Fishing

Drag the lure with a boat is usually a foolproof technique, if it is known at depth and is achieved to dominate it. Image gallery.

Trolling fishing consists of dragging a lure from a boat. It is the modality used by excellence to lure capture large fish from the upper Paraná River, Dorado and surubí.

In some Lakes of the South Mountain range it is permitted for salmon fishing. You will gradually also used at sea in search of fish lemon, anchovy and tuna.

To fishing to trolling, as in all other modes, you need a good guide who knows precisely the bed through which will pass the lure based on Otherwise, many artificial will be lost or it will be any pique. Take the case of Alto Paraná for being the place where years ago that he is practiced.


When the river between Paraguay and Argentina leaves Brazilian territory is narrow, deep and full of stones-bottomed. The current, extremely powerful, was reduced by the erection of two large dams final: Itaipu and Yacyretá. On leaving the hard missionary Fund, low speed water and thus (with less power and less rocks), the river widens and forms the first Islands.

As said the extraordinary journalist Roberto Zapico Antuña, to cobblestone area can be considered the Alto Paraná, since in all this segment which runs east to West many lytic formations cut him or accompany. They are the classic stones that made famous passage of the homeland and its surroundings.

Hunters fish one bets before the sunken stones or on the sides. The guides can locate these hidden accidents several metres deep, with its observation of the surface. Usually, a mirror which indicates that waters up stream found a rocky obstacle is formed.

Therefore, the ability of the skilled person lies in locating the boat correctly to move lures, imitating a fish wounded or erratic, near the position of the Golden or surubíes. Increasingly more importantly this precision, since the quantity of fish has diminished as it increased the population of fishermen and popularized the outboard.