The US Department of Defense Will Not Save BlackBerry [Updated]

UPDATE: Contrary to what you said the first reports, the DoD has clarified that the 80,000 terminals BlackBerry will not be new acquisition but that these terminals that already had in stock.

After months adrift, the arrival of John Chen to the position of CEO of BlackBerry (first as interim acting head and now only as “Chief”) seems a bit stabilized the situation of this Canadian manufacturer. Chen, precisely, has stated on several occasions that the future of BlackBerry goes back to its roots, i.e., focusing on software, business and security.

At the moment, this latest effort seems to have had its fruits. The Department of Defense today announced uOrder n of 80,000 phones BlackBerry (see Update: DoD has denied this news, assures that they are terminals that already have in stock), with 1,800 who will buy other brands (tablets and mobile Apple, Samsung and Motorola). This news has been very well received by shareholders, yesterday closing quote of each action in 9.93 dollars. It represents an increase of 35% of the value that closed 2013.

In full crisis during attempted sale of BlackBerry in November, informed you of how the Department of defense was beginning to “look for alternatives”: Our site by the uncertain future of the company. Fortunately for BlackBerry, it was not necessary to go to these lengths, and they remain, as well handles emphasize Chen as soon as you have opportunity, the only manufacturer certified to operate within the United States Department of defense network. In addition, continue appearing as the first choice of other Governments all over the world. Light at the end of the tunnel?