This Is What Happens When You Use Vaseline On Your Beauty Routine

So simple, so cheap and not know miracles that Vaseline makes for us.

What are you waiting for to use it?

This Is What Happens When You Use Vaseline On Your Beauty Routine

Use Vaseline on your beauty routine and not abandon it never more!

1.-bulky lips:

To have super lips hydrated and bulky passes Vaseline after your lipstick.

Them will have damp all day.

2.perfect tabs:

If you want to have eyelashes longer and abundant, applied Vaseline every night before you go to sleep.

In the morning remove the excess and notice as look a super sexy look.

3. hair removal:

If you depilas you with razor or Gillette, apply petroleum jelly on the shaved area, after epilating.

4. get your own blush:

Choose a color of shadow or Lipstick that is suitable for use as blush, it may be an pale, salmon pink or nude and mixed with a little petroleum jelly, until obtaining a cream.

5 eyebrow:

To keep your brows in place all day, just apply Vaseline on your eyebrows with a brush.

6 avoid patches of hair dyes:
Apply Vaseline with your fingersaround your hair leather.

At the end make your dye, remove the Vaseline with a cotton and see as you remove all the stains.

7. soft foot:

To have super soft feet, without suffering from the lima or devices to remove roughness, apply Vaseline on your feet all night. can believe the results!

8. perfect manicure:

A foolproof trick topaint your nails without staining fingers, is apply petroleum jelly around your nails and paint them.

When your nails are dry,remove the Vaseline with a cotton and all enamel stains will come out with it.

9 cleansing:

Use petroleum jelly to remove your makeup, as well as being super cash you moisturize the skin.

10. dandruff:

Apply Vaseline on your scalp, half an hour before washing.

It’s magic!

11. no more tips open:

Applied once a day, petroleum jelly on the open ends of your hair.

In a few days you will see the results!

12. the best moisturizer for your skin:

If you want to wake up in the morning without circles or bag under the eyes, apply at night a thin layer of Vaseline all over your face.

You will notice a skin very radiant and refreshed.

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