Tie Scarves & Shawls

Shawls And Scarves Are The All-Rounders Among The

Fashion Accessories

Scarves and shawls to emphasize: face, décolleté, neck, breasts (I also the waist, the hips, the butt).
You can hide: abdomen, breast, double chin

This beautiful silk scarf in great colors is by Codello on MedicineLearners.

Loosely set around the neck nice falling scarves or create a vertical line, which visually stretches and color-blocking allowed without a vote of the clothing.

This is purple scarf-hmmm-nice and soft cashmere!

You should however be careful point where the ends of scarves or the cloths : draw the eye on the problem area? (Bust, waist, hip?)

Halsnah worn shawls or scarves(loops, Möbius or wrapped around the neck) are ideal for the A – and H-type, which is not too broad shoulders.

This loop here is with the matching leg warmers of the firecracker to the black outfit by SANI.
Simply knotted Nicki cloths can reduce a long neck.

A fluffy silk or Hårruller bring lightness in your appearance.

Offers silk scarves in great colors and fair traded SÉNAS. Such as this one.
Also a colorful cloth can give a plain-coloured handbag to new splendour, etc. etc.

There Are Countless Ways To Tie Scarves And Shawls

25 in this ingeniously made video shows Wendy: click here!

Scarves and shawls are just amazing. They on Spice, let them shine, they cuddle up me.
You are great. Woman may have not enough.
You fit always, often not much cost and are also great DIY. Instructions and ideas to Möbius scarves sewn and knitted, loops, collar etc you will find in the near future here.