Tips for Buying Clothes and Shoes

What take care when buying clothes and shoes

When making a purchase, it is important to analyze the existing labels of products, moreover, seek try the parts for you won’t regret the purchase later.

For the vast majority of people, shopping for clothes and shoes is a very interesting and quite magical, with the ability to offer a really incredible happiness. And for others, it’s just a great obligation we have to meet from time to time, of course.

In either case, it is important to pay attention to some details, so you don’t run the risk of losing money with that performing such a bad deal. With this, all the tips we give below are indicated by Procon of Sao Paulo according to SHOESESPECIALLY.COM.

Note well the label

After that search to choose the number, as well as the color and model of your clothes, consumers should always read the label and check what kind of fiber is used in the composition of this fabric. If it’s cotton, wool, silk, among others, and the existing conditions of washing and drying of your piece. Try to remember that everything should come in Portuguese language.

Who do not know the composition of fabrics is a given to make enough difference, she and the price of the fabric comes directly linked to each other. And even if a person is allergic to some kind of fiber with this information should be a lot safer in time to buy the products.

Taking into account data from Procon, commercialize articles without tag or having an inadequate composition is kind of a practice prohibited by law. All the supervision should be made through the Institute of weights and measures of the State of São Paulo, the IPEM-SP.

In addition, when buying the shoes, try checking if they fit your foot if you have corns or bunions that can get in the way, it is important to analyze also if they offer a good firmness to the ride. Analyze your resistance, as well as your sole flexibility and still sewing conditions, buckles or laces.

The switch by companies is not required

So you buy clothes or shoes for own use, it is recommended that the consumer experience and try to define the characteristics of that demand, the stores are not required to exchange goods due to color, size or model for example.

It is important to check before you leave the store if the product is corresponding to the chosen. And in the case of shoes, it is important to be extra careful, try to stay tuned if his two feet are the same number, since the exchanges of this kind happen enough.

According to the consumer defense code, if a play present apparent defects, the customer may have up to 90 days to change the play, and this up to 30 days to resolve the problem. If the period expires and the problem is not resolved, the client has the right product exchange or your money back.