Tips For Combining Vintage Clothing with Seasonal Clothing

There are different ways to approach vintage clothing. In most cases, this approach consists of including garments and accessories in our styles and combining them with seasonal clothes, one of the specialties of Silvia Moyano and El Maniquí Vintage.

Another option, less common, is to surrender to the charms of a concrete decade and dress from head to toe as the women and men of then.These total look usually work in specific environments, such as a themed party or among people who have made the vintage a way of life.Beyond, it usually seems a risky decision and even think that we are a little ‘disguised’.

To avoid that feeling, we’ve put together a few very, very valuable tips that will help you better integrate vintage into your day to day life.No sacrifices, always with style.

Simple hairstyles and make-up

The best way to balance the vintage within a styling is to reduce the impact of the rest of the elements.It happens with makeup and hairstyles, where less can become more.

Vintage inspired jewelry

Many current designs are homages or inspirations of the design of other times, so, using accessories now you can reduce the classic load of some looks, especially from very specific times like the fifties or earlier.Same style, different years.

Combine vintage with more modern pieces

The combination of seasonal pieces with vintage is part of the philosophy of Silvia Moyano since the beginnings of The Vintage Mannequin.Nothing prevents you from creating looks with a little of the present and a little bit of past. The possibilities are endless based on VINTAGEINCONFIDENTIAL.

In the shoes is the difference

An attractive and modern footwear is the perfect counterpoint for a vintage styling.Let’s say that with them we enjoy the present and with the rest of clothes we enjoy the fashion of the past.The perfect balance.

We hope these tips have been useful, and more at this time, where holidays allow us to wear clothes that, for different reasons, we do not usually include in our daily routine. Summer gives for many experiments!