Tips for Travel in the Winter in Europe with Handbags

A few years ago I wrote this post here with tips of perfect items to assemble your bag of winter. But today I decided to show in practice how I did to mount my suitcase to spend a month in the winter of Europe and even split the trip and take enough clothes for 12 days of travel using only hand luggage.

Thermal clothes tips, wool insoles, boots and accessories not to slip in the snow, perfect jackets, scarves and many other tips and ideas of looks.

Who will travel by train to various towns, is sure to be happier with bags small and easy to carry.

In this video I’ll show you the parts that I took her to Switzerland, combining tips, how to choose each piece and where to buy. Press play or click here.

More tips …

Heard in the video that the wool coat with feathers is my preferred option for pod. Take a big one in the hand coming out of Brazil (or if you’re going to buy there, which is usually the most suitable, come back with him in hand) .

If you go without a coat and you don’t know when you will find a good shop to buy. I suggest you buy and deliver in your hotel. Will pay cheaper and will be sure to choose a model of your liking and not what is available in the store. Always check the size, try to order some 15 days before and send an email to the hotel that the purchase may arrive before you.

I spoke of the wool gloves and flexes, but a great tip is to buy HotHands (got here), some packets that you shake as soon as you open the packet and it keeps your hands warm for more than 8 hours. Are great in the snow. In a day that we were walking in the snow I put one on each boot and my feet were super warm.

Baggage weight.

I said in the video that the major Western European trains do not weigh luggage and even check anything, but in other countries it may be different. Here I made a post about trains in Canada where the weigh-in is mandatory and the weight can be.

And if you do internal flights purchased separately from his Brazil tickets, the weight limit will be another, typically 23 kg and in some case any luggage will be paid. Then travel with more bags already lean will help you on the flight too.

Now leaving the Brazil you have to check the wheel anyway. As I said in the video, the focus is moving light in destination to facilitate locomotion, not only with hand luggage of Brazil.

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Links of products I mentioned in the video…

  • Fleece Boot for use with galoshes (bought here)
  • Locks not to slip on the ice (I bought here)
  • Bags for warm feet and hands (have here)
  • My galoshes (bought here)
  • My Burberry purse (got here)
  • Le pliage bags of Longchamp (got here)
  • Thermal socks Calzedonia (got here)