Today Dressed

… New Look! As not a chubby, besides trying to nibble here and there looking for clothing that you between, resorts to shops that sell clothes in your size (for my taste misnamed stores of special sizes, we have special?) and one of these shops is a New Look.

I had heard of it but it was not until I had to spend a few months in Ireland when I met her much more. I had a shop very close to where I lived and little by little I was recruiting some clothing but it was not until a bridge we traveled to Belfast when you buy me something.The problem was that while the pound and the Euro are already slightly more matched, this chain is still a conversion method a little pequliar (18 GBP = 28EUR) which I think is a savagery! So it was like when I went to Belfast, I set out to buy me several things already that it compensated me to pay the Bank the change Commission (payment card) that buy it in euros!

New Look stores offer hand clothes of “Standard” sizes and on the other hand “Non-standard” sizes with the collection will Inspire the head. You can find a bit of everything from the dress you are looking for for a wedding, t-shirts and jeans for something casual passing through a wide range of intermediates. In this store I bought some that another little thing (the poorest of my boyfriend lost patience with me by sending me extra money to my whims) similar to some that another jewel (I will show them another day because they have fabric…). One of the things I bought this shirt that was since I saw it in the distance, I loved according to fashionruling. It is so comfortable!Took time envying the fabulous girls (hereafter the fabulousare the thin and the Divas are gorditas) for wearing leggings with things short, type loose shirts or shirts but not got nothing of the sort for me! I always put leggings with denim miniskirts or similar because not getting clothes that I stick with a few without leggings! Without a doubt this shirt is one of my headers of the summer, I love it! I’ll show you two different ways in which I have started it lately, to see which convinces you more. I’d love to you opinarais and I glared your suggestions :))

The cardigan is from Lefties (was the only site where I found one economic and XXL), belt and shoes from Evans, fleamarket bag and the Alcampo leggings! In the second look, Corsair of Carrefour (paragraph sports) and sandalsParfois (a bargain last year…).

... New Look! As non, unha gordina, skilfulness of trying to Peck here e wing looking for linen to lle between, resorts to tendas who sold roupa da sua tallaxe (for or meu taste bad chamadas tendas carvings especiais, special vestments that?) e unha destas tendas e New Look. OIRA falar Dela but non foi tie that me tocou pass uns months in Ireland when a conecin mais. Tinea unha tenda moi near where lived e pouco pouco fun choosing algunha roupa non mais foi tie that sleeps in a Ponte viaxamos Belfast cando comprei something. Or problem was that you despite that pound and or Euro a pouco mais are matched, this chain follow a somewhat special conversion method (18GBP = 28EUR) or cal pareceme unha salvaxada! Thus was like when me fun to Belfast lanceime to buy several cousas xa outweighing pagala Commission of Exchange or Bank (payment by gift) which comprala euro to me!

As tendas New Look on the one hand offer linen size “Standard” e outro side roupa carvings “Non-Standard” coa collection Inspire a head. Podeste find a pouco of all, dnede or dress you are looking for to one wedding, t-shirts and jeans for something casual passing through a wide range of intermediates. NESTA tenda comprei wish that outra cousa (or poor do meu mozo lost patience with me sending me letters extra for os meus whims) or equal to wish that another vast (ensenareibolas outro day because dye fabric…). Unha das cousas me comprei was this shirt to cal, from which vin or lonxe, encantoume. And so comfortable! You rise tempo envying as fabulous rapazas (from here in diante fabulous as are as thin and as Divas are as gordinas) by levar leggings with cousas short, type ou floxas shirts t-shirts but non I got nothing semellante to min! Sempre me ponia leggings with miniskirts Cowgirls ou similar because non got roupa that hit me with uns leggings sen mais! Sen climb wish this shirt é unha das minas cabeceiras this see, love me! Amosareivos two different xeitos in which to puxen lately, to see cal vos convinces mais. Encantariame to opinarades e me derades to vosas suxerencias :))

Or cardigan e of Lefties (was only ol site where atopei an economical and XXL), or belt and you shoes of Evans, or flea market bag e you Alcampo leggings! No second look, Corsair of Carrefour (paragraph sports) e Parfois Sandals (a bargain last year… do).