Toilet Signs With Movie Wallpapers

Those who have shops, bars, restaurants or similar businesses will know that customers demand good services, in all types of areas and one of them is the neatness and cleanliness in the toilet.

Regardless of what you find when you enter a public toilet, you can signal the entrance to the service in a traditional way, with the signage of a lifetime or surprise them with something more original, such as toilet signs with vinyls.

Original Bathroom Signs

In fact, we already have a section of signage for bathrooms with vinyl decal at, but we have thought that there were many more options to indicate public toilets in different ways. Today, we focus the theme on film and television, but we can cover more topics in future articles.

In the case at hand, we start with vinyls of cinema or TV that we can order in different colors and sizes. And what’s more, we can order them oversized or order custom vinyls with custom design. By ordering them oversized (of a size larger than the door), we can cut them with cutlery and “frame” them on our bathroom doors in the best possible way. This is what we have done with some of these proposals that we show you below.

At the bottom of each proposal you will find the vinyls from which we have left so that you can buy them in which case you like them. And remember that they can be ordered in different sizes, colors and finishes, this part being very important, since they will allow you to use them for example with effect “acid” to place on crystals.