Tools Not to Hurt

What we can use to avoid damage to the fish when it comes to remove them from the water.

For years, Tong were not fishing gear. As it was necessary to solve problems (cut a line, put up a triple folded, removing a Fishhook from the depths of a mouth with teeth…) were incorporated. And today the fisherman can choose different formats and measures for different uses.

Cut clip

The pliers is a small clamp whose two jaws, rather than pressing, have thin edges of fit exact, composed of materials of high resistance to friction, as tungsten carbide, which act as scissors based on ToolkitforFishing.

The litmus test of its quality is the efficiency with multifilament, where poor-quality clips with some weaknesses: this type of line resistance Nick fine edges, which generates interstices where there is cut; space between the branches is opened or distorts, loses the friction (in general, a joint problem) and the Multifiber, almost always more fine and soft as the nylon, escapes by this small space.

The task of cutting lines, the pliers is essential. While you can override by a small scissors (usually has that only employment and, by their format, does not serve to make force), the pliers are usually accompanied by other functions and have a stronger structure.

The most vigorous can cut the leg of a hook. When a hook penetrates the skin including the lock, it is impossible to remove it back without causing tears that can cause damage in tissues, blood vessels and up to nerves or tendons. Consequently, if it is feasible, because many times the next operation is very risky, should pass the tip to remove it again and cut leg with a pair of pliers to then remove the back without any problems.

I repeat: there are areas of the body where this operation cannot be made, and in all cases should go to the nearest medical room. Although they do not remove foreign body, the pliers allows cut leg and separate it from the lure or spoon to travel more calmly to the center of attention.