Top 4 Naval vehicles

In this article we will show you some naval vehicles mainly for people who want to start in the world of naval Radiocontrol.
RC Mini submarine Pigboat 4CH
It is a special submarine for swimming pools, if you want also for bathtubs, its operation arrives at 8 minutes, its charging time is approximately 15 minutes and the maximum distance to control it is about 5 meters.

It can move in any direction and carries with it a frontal LEDs to illuminate. You need 4 x 1 .5v AA batteries to operate the transmitter.

Its price is €19.90

Lancha RC WL911 High Speed Racing Boat 35cm

It is a boat that is in the top of sales, has a very quick response to the orders you give from the station and can come to have a great scope of control. Its radius is 2.4 GHz, it can even reach a speed of 24/h.

Also for those who are starting is a great option as it even has the option of auto-straightening.

Main Features:

Reach of 100 meters.
The Lipo battery 2s (7 .4v) 850mah.
Sturdy metal mechanism.
Base to expose when not in use.
Requires 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.
Autonomy of approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

Its price is €55

Lancha RC WL912 High Speed Racing Boat 46 cm.

This boat is perfect for all those people who want to start in the world of RC, whether they are skilled people as beginners.
This boat is the eldest sister to the previous boat La WL911. It contains a 2.4 GHz station, and can reach a total distance of 100 meters.
It can also hold up for about 8 – 10 minutes. Incorporates auto-straightening function.

Main Features:

Maximum speed of 24/h.
Sturdy metal mechanism.
Motor for high-speed racing (motor brushed type 540).
Refrigeration system.
1500mah 2s Lipo Battery (7 .4v).
It can be exhibited on a base that is incorporated.
You need 4 AA batteries for the station.

Lancha RC Vector 28 Super High Speed Pool Racer

This boat includes a powerful engine of 180a with a car-water cooling that it with the bacterium of lipo is a combination of performance unbeatable. Your radio system is 2.4 GHz.

Main Features:

7 .4v 360mah Li-po battery.
Requires about 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.
Your recommended setting is a large pool.
Boat ready to fly without the need to mount it.
Built with sturdy ABS-type materials.
Price €59