Travel the World with Luggage By Tumi

Experience the Tumi difference: with the American brand founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, the bag department store expands its portfolio to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luggage. Now, the luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories from various series in the bag department store will be available, because good luggage is more than just a pleasant luxury.

About Tumi

What do luggage and grave goods from Peru have in common? During his time as a volunteer in the peace corps and importer of leather bags Charlie Clifford among others in South America was. A Peruvian ritual knives with the sonorous name Tumi name sensor for Clifford company was deeply impressed by this experience. In 1983, managed the brand with the introduction of special material almost abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon, consisting of special fabric and unique coating as well as specialization in functional, soft briefcases of the breakthrough. With the expansion of the product range on trolleys and business baggage, convinced the company to its buyer and is one of the most popular brands for business and travel has 180 outlets in 65 countries worldwide.

The combination of technical innovation, excellent quality and a modern look the famous Tumi makes difference. Thought through to the smallest detail, the company his own calls more than 25 patents for design and technical concepts. To ensure ongoing and consistent quality, each product goes through a combination of 30 test methods, for example in the fields of product safety, colourfastness, resistance or zipper strength before it comes in the sale.

Tumi Bag Department Store

Trolleys, backpacks, travel bags, garment bags – the Tumi brand embodies both functionality, quality and exclusivity. Our comprehensive selection of versatile Tumi products serving various requirements and needs of travellers.

The shoulder bag business suitable for backpacks and briefcases to the spacious trolley series offer Alpha 2 travel and Alpha 2 business especially business travellers the highest possible comfort. The durable ballistic nylon is the frequent flying harmless over and innovative highlights like the padded T-Pass® laptop compartment, which facilitates showing off laptop and Tablet when traveling by air, or the Tumi Tracer® ID system with the baggage if lost can be found again, provide a relaxed itinerary.

The Voyageur and Voyageur travel series allow heights killed in particular the hearts of female fans with its modern, feminine design. Shimmering Nylon with fine leather details and gold fittings, the lightweight bags, trolleys and backpacks are an asset to any female wardrobe.

Also the lovers of the classic hard shell come with the luggage provider at their own expense. The trolleys of the Vapor Lite and Tegra Lite series rightly bear their name, they are but real lightweight durable polycarbonate or the revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material Tegris®. Under the premise to make good, even better, they offer Hartschalentrolleys travel comfort at the highest level.

Travel the world! With wide product range by the bag up to the luggage, Tumi offers the bag department store completed design to the highest quality standards and guarantees its customers the best choice for business, leisure, and of course stylish travel!