Trend Alert|Belt Looks With Coats For Winter+Tips On How To Use

All I can think about winter looks, after all I’ve been studying the trends of the last season of fashion weeks and gives that willingness to leave already using.

But as it is still not possible to use this beautiful people we’re learning what’s here isn’t it?

The BELT is an important accessory for any female Cabinet and technically in image consultancy it helps a lot the work body proportion, sharpen and balance something that is not legal.

To our happiness he will be a super trend in winter and a very usable (consultant loves trends that help the body of the woman and not spoil kkk…). The belt will be worn over coats, scarves, jackets and even tricôs, that’s right, it comes to show you where the waist and put it all in place.

Belt For Work

You can use the belt over cardigans in looks suggested by, but give preference to the most discreet and neutral buckles, dull and small.

A great choice for the cold is to arrest the vests, which are large and often engorgam, with the aid of the belt this problem can be mitigated.

Belt With Knitting

A strong trend this winter will be thetricôs called “overturned” or oversized, those big ones you know? Why not put a belt?
Use and abuse of the belt may be thin or medium if you’re a little overweight and thick if you are ok, but the important thing is to always check the waist, no lying on the hip belt.

Scarf Belt

Ah.. I love this way of using the belt, you will put not only over the jacket, but also on top of the scarf, scarf, scarf and thus will also stretch and

Belt With Poncho

The poncho is the must have of the winter, but this piece is super fluffy just like we talk about the knit oversized above, so I prefer a good belt to help!

Belt With Maxi Coats

Still on the wave of the “big boys” you do not need to use the belt in these cases, you must, lol…Looks great to use with the parkas, military trend that promises to be another darling of the station.

Belts With Skirts

Skirts, dresses, looks, can use and abuse of this trend that she adapts for various environments and occasions.

And finally, if you’re still not convinced, 4 reasons to use the belt over the clothing:

1. It’s going to be very modern and fashion
2. Will mark your waist even with heavy winter clothes requires
3. Will stay with thinner, since it thins the waist and lengthens the silhouette
4. Will keep that tissue that never stays in the quiet place and well groomed all day

Liked it? Would they use? What form you favorite? I love the maxi coats and skirts with knitting, I think super modern.