Trendy Clothes for Winter

The season has arrived and pullovers, aside bikini and skirts fluttering, we just have to prepare a sweet hot chocolate and wrap in a soft sweater.

Warm, soft, delicate colors or the pretty prints, the pullover is easily combined with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts and even dresses in, so you can show off for work, leisure and with the right accessories becomes perfect for an evening outfit.
So, regardless of current fashion, personal taste and his own style jerseys is the real star of the winter season and every year we all brush up on our closet pullovers historians, those who accompanied us to the coolest university exams, at that memorable concert, to that appointment that changed our life.
in short pullovers (a bit ‘like jeans) could tell the most important moments of our lives.

Nostalgic memories aside, browsing fashion magazines, blogs or simply taking a walk in the center we are bombarded by new proposals, and so here we are ready to take new siblings to our sweaters.
For the winter 2015/2016 the proposals are really a lot and there really are spoiled for choice, so if you rages the pullover mania, but you have a lot of disposable income to bet on expensive clothes, I selected 10  pullover low cost to buy right away if you want to spend less than 40 €and confess that many are already happily in my wardrobe.

Pullover minimal

If your motto is less is more that you can not opt for the classic pullover by working braid, choosing whether to bet on a simple pullover with sleeves work or vice versa according to your mood of the moment.
Or you will bet on the Zara pullover, from absolutely line minimal when the only detail is given by the visible stitching.
From left to right: Zalando € 25; Only € 30; Zara EUR 39.95

Soft pullover

If you are a girl chilly winter loves nibbling constantly and needs to hide some roll, loose-fitting pullover is perfect for you, so you definitely can not miss jerseys from soft with contrasting cuffs and pullovers knitted structured by wide line. Here at Businesscarriers you can get more different models of the fashion clothing.
from left to right: Pull & Bear € 35.99; H & M €34.99 (currently at the discounted price of € 24.99).

Special Pullover

If you adore the details and each of your look is not left to chance, you have probably already spotted these 3 pullover.
The Pimkie jerseys have a small scoop back that makes it original and chic outfits for a far from trivial, or is enriched by a light and simple voile for a cool look and romantic.

H & M instead literally made ​​me fall in love with this red knit pullover with fancy fringe in front.
From left to right: Pimkie € 29.99; H & M € 24, 99 (now the special price of € 17,49); Pimkie € 25,99

Sweater chic

Finally two elegant pullover and ends for the evening, refined and original for the day for all those women who have made ​​their chic lifestyle.
From left to right: Dorothy Perkins EUR 45; Vero Moda 25 €.