Trendy Denim Trends 2017-These Jeans You Wear This Year!

For years now I have been wearing jeans, over the course of which, not only my personal taste has changed, but above all also the offer on the market has constantly changed. One reason for this is the fact that in the fashion sector, many fast-moving trends determine the offer in online shops, department stores and co-operatives.What was still announced in 2016 can already be out in 2017.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. So that you do not miss anything and know which jeans trends are trendy this year, I looked at the trendy denim trends 2017 a little more closely and subsequently prepared for you and my other readers. One can hold directly to the beginning, jeans designs become more experimental.A simple 0815 jeans is no longer enough to attract attention in 2017, even if it still fits so well.

Light, Bright Colors Are Coming

Let’s get a little less experimental, even if it is a change for the eye.In recent years, jeans have always been one thing: dark. This year everything will be a bit brighter, more friendly even easier. Away from dark navy, to light, bright colors. Just for the warmer spring days or warm summer days, the light jeans are almost ideal.

A light indigo blue to a blue sky will be seen in 2017. Washings are little noticeable and the jeans themselves are a bit more reserved.In combination with T-Shirts in strong, bright colors and / or shirts with a fancy print definitely an eye-catcher. Light jeans continue to work with bright sneakers, so do not worry that the bootleg is also subjected to a fresh cellar.

Take care only if you have a little more on the hips. Because light, light jeans have the disadvantage that these look very body-weighted. Or, at the very least, direct the viewer’s attention. With a higher weight you should therefore tend to darker blue jeans in the selection of jeans.

Loose, Casual, Light…

A trend, which I personally can not quite understand, is that jeans from the cut again and more relaxed. This is not to say that I am a supporter of skinny jeans, which are like leggings, definitely does not have to be. But a bit body-cut it may already be, right?

Just the approach: easy, casual, lightly throws me back fifteen years back when Baggyjeans were hip. If you were just 15 years old and went inliner or skateboard. Today, at the age of 30, I can not imagine running around in my everyday life. Of course you can not deny that jeans with a wider leg cut, more comfortable and more flexible. But whether they look good, too, can one argue?

The nice thing about trends is, however, that you do not have to participate. Whoever wants to wear his jeans a bit further, should combine these with a simple, white shirt or a black T-shirt with matching leather jacket. Can look quite well. Avoid, however, that also the shirt or T-shirt is too far cut, because then you can directly draw a potato sack…

Frayed, Holed Jeans Now Land In The Wardrobe

The more I deal with the 2017 denim trends, the more I notice that these do not appeal to me at all. It is no longer absolutely necessary that the cut is body-weighted, simple and slender-much more will be wide cuts in, also a little frayed or with holes. Especially in the area of ​​the knees you will see this. By the way, in the year 2016 women’s trends were observed.

Just the conclusion in the direction of foot will provide for look.Frayed, frail and deliberately striking, he directs the viewer’s gaze.Holes and decorative seams, distributed over the remaining jeans, round off the appearance. The best way to wear this kind of jeans is with a casual t-shirt and a pair of low-top sneakers, such as Vans skates or similar. A shirt would not do justice to the jeans and tend to be negative. But the question I ask myself, how do I explain to my grandmother that I spent a lot of money on holes in jeans…

Put Together The Meaning…

Or not. But especially in the area of ​​denim jackets you will meet with the denim trends 2017 on quite unusual pieces. The only thing is that jeans jackets are no longer just put on a certain jeans fabric, but are composed of different jeans and other fabrics.

One can imagine that four different jackets are taken, divided into individual pieces, and mixed together again into four new jackets.This creates four unique, “new” jackets, which are definitely noticeable. Of course, could be transferred to jeans…

Decorative Denim

Jeans are no longer just jeans in 2017. On the contrary, they become the fir tree of the modern man. What a comparison… But how else should one describe it, that Jeans come now with patches, embroidered figures and floral patterns, as well as flags and other things. Reminds me somehow of biker-gangs, which characterize their rank and assignment to the respective biker-club. Where, in my opinion, it looks even more stylish.

If at all, I can imagine this kind of decorated denim on a jeans jacket. On a pair of jeans, floral patterns, which spread across the entire thighs, would rather excite me than inspire. Also snakes, eagles and other animals would not inspire me here. Maximum on Jeansshorts it can look handsome. However then rather discreet than too direct. What do you think about the denim trend 2017 Decorative Denim?