Truths About Female Underwear

The underwear is a garment that is filled with myths that many women have heard throughout our lives, but today we will see that it is true and which not. Because this is not only a garment that gives us sensual if that was not created to protect our intimate parts of different factors, such as weather and personal hygiene.

The evolution of underwear has led even to return it outside in some cases, thanks to the transparency, among other trends.

  1. Bra prevents the breasts from falling out.This is true, it doesn’t mean that over time your breasts will not fall, this is something natural that nobody can avoid, even prosthetics, but bra use retard this process.
  2. Sleep with bra prevents dropping my breasts.Not this is lie, because your body needs to rest and because you use bra all night there will be no difference, because the body is immobile and horizontal reason why not are doing nothing to help your breasts to go down.
  3. I use sports bra when army.Yes! This is very important because when you exercise you can jump, run and make sudden movements to your breasts and if you don’t have the proper support can lead to tears and not we want that.
  4. Do not use bra is more comfortable and avoid the red marks.What produces these red marks is the use of the wrong size, if you have red marks mean that you are using a smaller bra and this is not healthy for your breasts. A correct size bra should hardly feel and give you support.
  5. Using aros bra increases the likelihood of disease in our breasts.No, as mentioned previously which brings problems to our breasts they are not the rings or cups, it is the use of the wrong size, because if you use one very tight, you exert too much pressure to your breasts and if you use it big is like not having anything.
  6. I can get to make my breasts look larger or smaller according to the BRA that I use.If this is correct, with the Bras push up we climb our breasts a little more than usual, which will make them look a bit larger, so that they look more small is not the BRA that will give you that effect will be items you use on it, taking the stand right below.
  7. My underwear does not affect how my outdoor clothes looks.False if you have inadequate underwear, this will make everything you use above look wrong.
  8. Underwear styled my figure.If you are using the correct size and correct design if your underwear can make your figure look well and shape it a bit, otherwise you can achieve even as it may seem that you have four breasts or buttocks.
  9. The thong makes my tail from slipping.False the pantyhose are not made to support if not to cover all that accomplished dropping your tail is lack of exercise. What happens is that its shape when you are using a thong your tail is more elongated and you usually think that it is that it fell, but no, it’s simply the last of the pantyhose.
  10. If not use pantyhose evitare infections, because you need my private parts to breathe.False, if you need that your vagina breathe, but precisely this garment was designed to prevent infections and when your vagina is so exposed to more bacteria reach it, in this case what you must take into account is that the part of the pantyhose that is closer to your vaginal area must always be in cotton, never in other material.
  11. I sometimes use very loose or tight pantyhose.That more that a myth is an error because a pantyhose too tight, as well as mark and help that hated chubby of the low sword shoot more and make you feel uncomfortable, not give you the necessary airflow to our vaginal area and this will easily bring more infections. On the other hand a big pantyhose let your exposed area and at the end to generate the same effect in your vaginal area than a small one.

Here are some things that I’ve heard of women known or I simply read it and during my immersion in the world of intimate apparel I managed to learn and discover, I am a designer and not medical, therefore I recommend that in addition to following these tips that really will help them much, if you see changes in your breasts, or her vaginal area don’t forget to ask their gynecologists because these data are preventive and must go in hand with other care, are not solutions when we already have a problem.

In summary, 6 basic things we must take into account when searching our underwear:

  1. Correct size
  2. The part closest to our vaginal area should always be in cotton.
  3. Evenings are the perfect time to leave our bodies.
  4. Use the correct model to exalt our figure.
  5. Always wear sports bra to exercise.
  6. Always look for your lingerie to make you feel comfortable and sexy.

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